Straight fratboy Jason Hayes sucked and wanked first time by Scrappy

Straight Fraternity says: Jason Hayes gets a surprise today as he’s sat on the sofa next to Scrappy.

Jason thought he was doing a solo shoot today, surprise you are going to be partnering with 19-year-old Scrappy.

High school athlete Jason and Scrappy strip naked and stroke their cocks side by side.

Franco seeing that Jason is getting erect tells Scrappy to suck his cock.

Scrappy gives Jason a long deep blowjob which quickly brings Jason to the point of orgasm.

He can hold it no longer and bust a nut all over his cock and stomach.

Franco tells him to use his cum as lube on Scrappy.

Jason smears his cream on him and sucks his dick. When Jason rubs Scrappy’s big balls, he shoots a huge load.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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