Teddy Bear, Nigel March

Nigel March is manning the front desk at the sex shop when Teddy Bear comes to the register seeking coins for the peepshow. Nigel finds Teddy irresistible and makes the first move when he steps around the counter to show his fat cock to Teddy.

Teddy accepts the challenge and gets on his knees to try to cram the big dick down his throat. It’s extra thick and barely fits but Teddy has an idea of where it will fit best. The hairy otter bends over and offers up his fuzzy hole.

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Nigel can barely contain his excitement as he bends down and munches on Teddy’s hole. When Nigel is convinced that Teddy’s ass is ready, he slides his fat dick deep into Teddy and starts pumping away. Teddy loves all of the cock filling his hole and wants to switch it up a bit.

The horny stud rolls over on his back and lets Nigel slam his ass as the two hunks lock eyes. Nigel’s thick cock hits just the right spot and Teddy can no longer hold back. He blasts his thick load as Nigel keeps fucking him deep.

Nigel wants his turn now and pulls out to spray Teddy’s hairy hole with cum.

See horny stud Teddy Bear rolls over on his back and lets Nigel March slam his ass here!

See horny stud Teddy Bear rolls over on his back and lets Nigel March slam his ass here!

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