T Strength


T Strength

Paragon Men says: T-Strength is one of Paragon’s first discoveries, and like a fine wine or homemade hooch, his potency only improves with age. Observe the vein popping, libido rocking perfection of this 185 lb Italian/Irish muscle stud.


With a dusting of silver hair, a gorgeous mug, 17.5” arms and jumbo six pack, our gallery God is a guilty pleasure that keeps on giving. He has a healthy dose of humility and is his own worst critic when it comes to his body, believing there is always room for improvement – a tall order when it comes to perfection.


T-Strength hails from upstate New York, but contracts in the Middle East for the security industry. Read between those lines and spy on him in this month’s sensational, sensual spread.


The best advice he ever received was the motivational acronym WIN – Work hard. Inspire. Never quit. T-Strength inspires his legion of ardent fans with another WIN – Want. It. Now. And so you shall.






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