Paragon Men: Black Beauty Darrin James

In Greek there is only one Alpha and at Paragon Men there is only one Darrin James. And though Greece is now falling on its financial face, a certain discerning online population is dropping to its knees before this alpha stud. Surrender to his big brown eyes and you’ll never see blue eyes again!

Video games and sensual rubs are Darin’s hobbies. That, and women who know what they want and know how to ask for it. What Darrin wants… is a booty, big legs and pretty lady-like feet. Over size 9 shoes and hammerhead toes need not apply!

Darrin is gracing our glossy “proving that a working class man can also be a world-class man!” Aside from the diplomacy, who doesn’t love a gigantic piece who knows how to use his hands? In fact, blue collar is like Chanel’s little black dress: an instantly wearable classic. Darrin wears himself out with a sensational, spare-nothing XXX scene, wielding a cock so big you’ve only seen its size in plastic dildo form at Porky’s porn shop. Until now.

Click, lube up and prepare to party with the A-list! Get Darrin James full expore at Paragon Men!

Damian Winger
Damian Winger
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