Toby Tucker’s one hot fucker!

Paragon Men says: Toby Tucker sounds like the name of a wholesome All-American boy with a paper route and a collection of vintage baseball cards. But what’s in a name? Tucker’s one hot fucker.

This Alabama native is a bodybuilder now training for an upcoming competition, which is why he’s sickeningly shredded for Paragon’s expose-it-all.

When not lifting or pumping, Toby likes to play guitar and chase women who like to flirt and “cut loose” (not just on the dance floor).

Later he goes home to his loving wife who likes to dress him up in skimpy underwear and blow up her Instagram account with the #hardevidence.

Toby’s been erotic nude posing for years, and this month he gives Paragon all that flexed ferocity plus dessert a fluid-filled finish.

That strict training diet may not permit him to swallow so much as a tic-tac, but that doesn’t stop you from feasting on Toby’s heaping meat, carrot and potatoes. Dig in boys. Get Toby Tucker’s full exposure at Paragon Men!

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Damian Winger
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