Eddie Cambio


Eddie Cambio

Paragon Men says: On the planet’s hottest men safari, we bagged this trophy. Meet Paragon Men’s Man of The Year, Eddie Cambio. You beg, he comes.


That’s how it works with easy on the everything Eddie. Don’t let the all-star sly smile fool you. Behind that grin is a tiger on the make. When we ask his favorite sexual position, Eddie replies flatly, ‘I’d rather have sex than talk about it.’ And, scene.


Good boys may want to reflect, bad boys don’t have the time. Hat’s off to men of action, and in our XXX video climax, Eddie puts his meat where his mouth is, so to speak.


We stripped this incredible specimen down for display on the lounge, at the pool, in stands of bamboo where, like Paragon’s personal panda, Eddie eats shoots and leaves. And splat.


Eddie is a sought-after erotic dancer in Florida, and is also a personal trainer. But if we may get back to that dreamy gutter for a moment, Eddie’s sex fantasy is a glory hole.


He wants to put his fat dick in a hole, drop a load in a warm orifice and get on with his day. We know what you’re thinking: where, oh WHERE, did I put those knee pads?




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