Dirty Scout 233 straight guy with the biggest balls I’ve seen explodes cum all over us

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Dirty Scout says: I met today’s young man in the centre of Prague, he was searching for better-paid jobs than the ones he was used to in the small town where he came from. So far he’d not found anything but badly paid or boring jobs. He had arrived in Prague on the off chance of finding a nice well-paid job. Bingo this was going to be exceptionally easy.

When I mentioned that I had only warehouse work, he jumped at the chance. It was a nice job with a good salary. He got a little upset when I mentioned our finders fee. But you know me, we can come to some arrangement so it shouldn’t be a problem.

It was lucky I was so horny today. This guy was kind of special. He was pretty tall and muscled but the two things I loved the most was that he had a huge dick when it was hard and massive balls. I could not get over how big they were, I could hardly cup them in my hands.

With balls that size, I was expecting a gusher and I wasn’t disappointed you should have seen the mess when his dick exploded cum all over the place. We were all wet.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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