Igor Galek bareback fucks Peter Lipnik's sexy ass going harder and deeper

William Higgins says: Igor Galek’s screen test see him joined by Peter Lipnik. They sit on the bed and chat for a while, to find out a little about Igor. Then Peter reaches and starts to feel Igor. He kisses him too. He opens Igor’s jeans and takes out his cock.
Then Peter removes his tee shirt and begins wanking Igor’s cock. They keep up the kissing too. Peter kisses Igor’s chest and then starts to suck his cock as well. As he sucks the cock it begins to swell in Peter’s mouth. Soon it is rock hard from the sucking and Peter wanks and licks it.
Then Peter removes his shorts to release his own stiff cock. he lays on the bed and raises his legs as Igor slides his big cock into the waiting ass. The big cock goes deep into Peter’s ass and starts fucking. Peter takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as Igor’s fucking speeds up.
The big cock pounds into Peter’s tight hole as he continues wanking himself. Then Peter moves onto his knees, with Igor behind him. Igor’s cock slides back into Peter’s hot hole and fucks him some more. The guys move into spoon position with Igor’s rock hard cock deep in Peter’s ass.
Peter still wanks himself as Igor stretches his hot hole. Then Peter’s wanking comes to a climax as he shoots his hot cum onto his belly. Igor continues to fuck that sexy ass, going harder and deeper until he is ready to blow his load too.
Then he pulls out and wanks his cock until it dumps its’ load too.


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Martin Pesek’s huge twink dick bareback fucking Tomas Salek’s tight bubble ass hole

William Higgins says: Sexy str8 guy Martin Pesek gets his cherry busted today. The lucky guy who gets to fuck that hot ass is handsome str8 guy Tomas Salek. They sit on the bed as Tomas chats to Martin and then starts to kiss him.

He soon has Martin bare-chested and kisses that hot chest. Then Martin removes Tomas’ tee shirt to show off his hot body too. Tomas kisses down Martin’s body, removing the shorts and then the underwear too. He sucks on Martin’s big, hard, cock That hot mouth sucks on Martin’s dick so well, taking it deep.

Then Tomas licks up and down the throbbing shaft before sucking some more. Then Tomas moves onto his knees presenting his own stiff cock for Martin to wank. He wanks the dick and then positions himself to suck it. He takes hold of the cock, licking and wanking it.

Then his mouth starts to suck on the head of the cock as he keeps up the wanking. Tomas pulls Martin’s head onto his cock for sucking. Then, for added encouragement Tomas invites Martin to fuck him. He moves onto his knees and Martin’s big, stiff, cock slides deep into the hot ass.

He fucks Tomas’ ass deep, with long thrusts. Then it is time to give up his cherry. Martin lays on his back, with his legs in the air. Tomas slides his stiff cock into that hot hole and starts to fuck. He fucks the ass deep as Martin wanks himself.

Martin’s cock throbs in his hand as his ass enjoys the cock working in and out of it. Martin’s dick erupts, shooting the hot cum all over himself as Tomas keeps fucking that hot ass.

Tomas’ fucking continues until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his cum all over Martin’s cock and balls. He milks his cock dry and leans forward to kiss Martin again.

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Gay porn site William Higgins wins 5 star review

William Higgins gets a 5 star rating Hot young Czech Boys big uncut Euro cocks! In terms of gay porn history William Higgins is up there with the original pioneers producing world beating gay hardcore porn. Around the turn of the century he set up in Europe, in the fair city of Prague and started … Read more

New boy casting Zdenek Tuma is aged 21 years old and lives in Prague

William Higgins says: Zdenek Tuma is aged 21 years old and lives in Prague. This hot and handsome straight guy is a student who enjoys sports, boxing and fitness. He is a real stunner and looks great as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview.
Then Zdenek stand and removes his tee shirt to show off his magnificent body. He runs his hands all over his chest and flexes his huge biceps. He also slides a hand inside his pants to grope himself. Then Zdenek turns and flexes some more.
He enjoys poses for the cameras and turns again, groping himself as he slides down his pants. He takes them off and then stands, naked before us. His dick is already quite hard and Zdenek grabs it and begins to wank. As he wanks that cock our camera pans over Zdenek’s hot body.
He lays on the bed and wanks a little before lifting his legs in the air to show off his ass. He spreads the ass cheeks to expose his tight hole as he grabs his dick for more wanking. Then he uses both hands to really pull the cheeks wide apart.
Next he kneels on the bed and rubs his body and he thrusts his hips, making his hard cock bob up and down. Needing to cum Zdenek lays down again and wanks his throbbing cock, as the balls get tight around his shaft. The cum erupts from his cock, shooting up his hot chest.
After milking the cock dry Zdenek goes off to the shower to clean up.


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Sexy young muscle dude Charli Lomoz jerks his huge cock to a big cumshot


William Higgins says: Sexy young muscle dude Charli Lomoz strips naked and shows off his ripped muscle bod. As he reaches down to touch his already erect cock it springs into action as he jerks it furiously.



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Peter Filo and Milan Neoral

William Higgins says: Peter Filo is having a glass of wine, when his friend Milan Neoral gets back from the gym. He has a sip of wine too before leading Peter into a massage, by showing off his ‘special’ cream.
Peter kneels behind Milan and, starts to massage his back and shoulders, after removing his tee-shirt. But Peter doesn’t take the massage entirely seriously, soon reaching around to feel Milan’s sexy chest too.
He then kisses Milan and his lips caress his neck too. Then Milan turns and starts to work on Peter’s hot body too. His hands run all over Peter’s chest and he leans forward to kiss it.
They open their jeans, and take them off, revealing two very hard cocks. Face to face Milan grabs Peter’s cock and starts wanking it. Peter joins in too, wanking Milan’s big dick as he leans forward and kisses the body.
Milan sits and leans back, so that Peter can suck on his throbbing cock. Peter’s mouth works all over that cock and he licks the tight balls too. As he sucks he also wanks on the cock and licks Milan’s sexy body.
Then it is Milan’s turn to suck. His hot mouth wraps tight around Peter’s rock hard cock. Peter loves the feeling and his hand goes to his ass to rub over his hot hole.
He slips a finger into that hole, as Milan continues his sucking. Milan then turns around and presents his sexy ass. Peter wastes no time, he shoves his throbbing cock deep into that hole and fucks it nice and deep.
Milan loves the feeling of cock in his ass and they move to missionary so that he can wank himself as Peter fucks his ass. With Peter’s cock really stretching his hole Milan wanks hard and shoots his cum all over himself.
Peter leans forward and kisses Milan and then sucks on that sticky, spent cock. Milan isn’t finished though, his cock stays hard and soon Peter is taking a ride on it.
His ass works up and down on Milan’s thick shaft, taking it all the way. As he rides that hard cock Peter grabs his own and wanks it.
Soon he needs to cum too and kneels to the side of Milan, so that he can shoot his hot cum over that sexy chest, before leaning over to give his friend one last kiss.


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