USMC Corporals Benny and Briar big dick massage until they both orgasm cum in a happy ending

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, USMC Corporals Benny and Briar, dutifully report to the Major’s quarters for a swim and massage with a happy ending.

Benny and Briar have really become best battle-buddies away from base while on liberty and Briar was totally down for a stress-relieving massage session.

Briar hops on the massage table and Benny lubes Briar’s well-chiseled body up.

Benny wraps his hands around Briar’s hard cock and eventually mounts the table to straddle ripped Briar for a better advantage to stroke their cocks together.

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Sexy straight US Marine Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Cain strips naked jerking his fat cock

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Cain, after six months at sea.

He spends some of his well-deserved shore leave at the Major’s penthouse and decides to rub one out before heading to a local watering hole in downtown San Diego.

Cain kicks back, removes his civvies, pulls out his thick curved cock, and strokes it until he unloads.

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19 year old Lance Corporal Charlie wanks his 7 inch dick spilling a huge cum load

Straight Off Base says: Beefy Marine stud from Pennsylvania, Lance Corporal Charlie, drops by the Major’s residence to rub one out.

19 years old, LCpl Charlie stands at 5’9″ and weighs in at 173 lbs. He was very sporty during his school years running track, playing baseball, football, and wrestling to a high level.

He even wrestled a couple of girls as opponents, popped a chub and lost focus, but still won his matches.

At the Major’s request, LCpl Charlie removes his pants and proceeds to wank and squeeze his 7-inch cock until he bursts several massive jizz squirts across the chair he’s reclining in and catches the Major completely off guard!

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Massive tattooed sexy Navy Corporal Straight Off Base Quinn wanks his huge cock till he explodes in cum

Straight Off Base says: Today’s visit to the Major’s penthouse suite is US Marine Corp Corporal Straight off base Quinn dressed for a special occasion at the San Diego Port Authority celebration. He looks super handsome and sexy in his Dress Blues and white hat.

Standing a 6 ft 3 inches and weighing in at 205 pounds there is a lot to love about beefy USMC Corporal Quinn. As he undresses, removing his shirt we see that his chest and abs are covered in tattoos, as is often the way with Navy studs.

Massive hunk of a man Marine Quinn says he is constantly feeling horny and he requests permission to jerk off. The Major ok’s him to bust his nut and he wanks his cock until he floods his tattooed stomach and chest with creamy Navy cum.

Then he salutes and heads back to barracks aboard Camp Pendleton.

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Petty Officer 2nd Class Nash strips off his uniform jerking his big dick

Straight Off Base says: Petty Officer 2nd Class Nash heads Straight off base and up to the Major’s home.

He’s wearing his Dress Blues and is ready for the Major’s mandatory inspection before he heads out to a special get together in the business district of San Diego.

Petty Officer Nash removes his uniform slowly and ends up naked, his already rock hard cock in his hands.

He’s clearly excited by the prospect of wanking on camera and he knows a thing or two about playing to the camera.

Jerking his big dick he soon unloads his balls with a huge cum explosion which puts a smile on the face of the Major.

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Lance Corporal Conrad strips off his uniform stroking his massive cock spurting cum all over his abs

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, Lance Corporal Conrad, a well-built and exceptionally well-hung stud Marine, drops by the Major’s place after a long flight from his East Coast duty station to enjoy a weekend in beautiful San Diego.

LCPL Conrad usually spends his valuable weekend liberty as a very popular dancer at several Washington, D.C. clubs entertaining many of our elected congressional policy makers and staffers.

LCPL Conrad slowly and seductively strips from his uniform, pulls out his very impressive weapon, skillfully strokes his massive meat-cannon and shoots his cum-munition onto his smooth tight abs.

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Hottie Marine stud Lance Corporal Chase jerks his hard cock and shows a finger up his hairy butt hole

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, Lance Corporal Chase, a Marine stud from Illinois who wrestled in high school, visits the Major’s place to relieve some built-up stress after a grueling 4 week field training exercise in the hot Southern California desert.

A very horny LCPL Chase stretches out on the Major’s bed in his sexy USMC silkies, pulls out his hard cock, shoves his finger up his hairy butt hole, and masterfully strokes it until he busts one of the largest cum loads the Major has ever witnessed!

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Corporal Bodie proudly packs a nice 7 inch cock with heavy low hangers jerks out a huge load of military cum

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, Corporal Bodie is a 20-years old Marine from Virginia who stands at 6’2″ and weighs in at 170 lbs. He played basketball during his high school years and participated in track and field events.

Bodie proudly packs a nice 7 inch cock with heavy low hangers and, on his way back to barracks, he drops by the Major’s quarters to rub one out for some of his webcam friends and pocket some extra cash.

Corporal Bodie tells the Major that his first sexual experience was when he was in the 9th grade getting a blowjob from one of his classmates under the gym bleachers.

The Major gives Bodie direction from behind the camera as he slowly strokes his lubed up cock until he unloads his thick jizz onto his treasure trail and then hops into the shower for a quick cleanup.

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Straight off base USMC Sergeants and best battle-buddies Dane and Jack suck and fuck till they both orgasm

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, USMC Sergeants and best battle-buddies, Dane and Jack, drop by for some well-deserved bromance action after a long week of training in the field.

These Marine studs get right down to business with a long session of kissing leading to Jack swallowing Dane’s thick and throbbing cock while looking up at Dane’s pleasure-filled face.

Sgt. Jack gets Dane to spread his beefy, muscular legs so his tongue can get better access to Dane’s tight manhole.

They re-position themselves on the couch and Jack slowly inserts his thick and veiny cock into Dane for a good pounding.

Then it’s Sgt. Dane’s turn to return the favor by fucking Jack’s tight, hairy ass until they both blow their cum loads.

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