Cory sucks Javy’s dick then bends over and lets Javy fuck him bareback


Straight Fraternity says: Javy doesn’t know that his buddy Cory has secretly wanted to get boned by him for years. Cory sucks Javy’s dick then bends over and lets Javy fuck him bareback.

It’s so overwhelming for Cory that after Javy shoots his huge load, he can’t go on. Instead of trying to force himself to cum, Cory lets Javy paddle his bubble butt until it’s cherry red.


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Straight guys Warren and Blake race to see who can cum first


Straight Fraternity says: Warren and Blake have never met before, but today they race to see who can cum first. The winner gets to shoot his load on the loser, but who’s to say it’s going to be a fair race? At least they both enjoy watching hot nun porn along the way.


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College junior wrestling boy Tanner

Straight Fraternity says: College junior and golden boy Tanner is so horny after wrestling practice that he heads straight to the fraternity gloryhole to get some relief. He breathes hard and moans deeply when he shoots his load, and as he walks out of the room, he sneaks a look at who was on the other side blowing him.


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Gage and Blake B

Straight Fraternity says: Gage and Blake B. play the Bowl of Tricks for the first time, and since Blake is into BDSM, there are some especially rough cards to draw. It’s an afternoon of sneakers to the face, belt to the ass and the two guys’ own dirty tricks.


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Young naked stud Nico Stiles jerks his huge dick


Straight Fraternity says: Nico Stiles is one of those confident young straight guys who dances at a gay club to make money, and with his big dick, he’s a crowd pleaser. Today he pulls his meat all the way out and shows what he can’t at the club, how he likes to stroke it.


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23 year old Shawn tries to shoot his big load into his mouth


Straight Fraternity says: The last time 23-year-old Shawn taped himself having sex it was with his girlfriend at the time. For Straight Fraternity, he has a different goal. The faster he can shoot, the more money he makes. As a bonus, he even tries to shoot his big load into his mouth.


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Horny young man Shawn drains his balls at the gloryhole


Straight Fraternity says: It’s been days since Shawn last drained his balls, and this horny young man is desperate to shoot his load. He visits the Straight Fraternity gloryhole looking for relief and finds it, getting a spectacular blowjob and busting his nut all over the place. He’s even sucked clean before he pulls out.


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Young straight stud Blake Barnes cums with anal beads in his ass


Straight Fraternity says: Blake Barnes is not sure what to expect when he walks in and sees all the sex toys, but he’s curious to know what it feels like to cum with something in his butt.

Blake tries a dildo about the size of his dick, but when he can’t get it all the way in, he switches to a short butt plug.

He makes that one in but can’t keep it there, so finally he uses a small strand of anal beads and has the most intense orgasm ever.


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Hot young dude Jordan’s huge dick massage wank shoots cum over his stomach at Straight Fraternity

Straight Fraternity says: Spikey haired straight dude Jordan is sexy and fun to be around.

He has a beautiful face, a nice trim body, and a great cock that stands to attention fully erect at the slightest touch of his hand. He’s basically hard and horny all of the time.

Jordan is definitely not shy about wanting to get off and is keen to try something new.

As soon I say I am ready Jordan whips down his pants and underwear showing off his huge young dick which is standing proud and erect for all to see.

He parades around a bit showing it off. He’s clearly happy with the size of the dick he has.

Then he lubes it up and starts stroking. Without the toy (somebody stole it!), I have him kneel on the bed so he can start fucking the new fraternity toy…my hand!

Jordan fucks my hand for a while, and I get some great footage of his hot ass pumping before I get down to the real business.

I tell Jordan to put his arms back, and I start stroking his cock.

I make my move and start to suck his dick, but he quickly says, “no, I don’t care for that.”

He sure doesn’t mind me stroking him until he cums.

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Straight stud big cock happy ending massage ends in huge streams of jizz at Straight Fraternity

Straight Fraternity says: After starting a straight porn movie, young Blue’s soft dick starts to get erect and he rubs it through his boxer shorts.

Blue spreads the lube all over himself and he bends over to show me his latest tattoo on his ass cheeks, I then ask him to face the front.

I massage the oil all over his body, moving slowly around his body before spreading my fingers to grasp his big dick. Blue is very turned on already and he is close to orgasm.

I then move in to replace my hands with my mouth sucking down hard on his erect cock with Blue fucking my face fiercely.

I put Blue on his back, play with his nipples, suck his cock, and I rub my finger around and in his hole.

He sure likes this edging! I push him a little more before it’s time for Blue’s big release in my mouth.

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