Southern Strokes Derrick and Wade

Southern Strokes says: I wonder where my boy Derrick is these days. The fact of the matter is that he worked not to far from the Lake House in the hills of North Georgia and a girlfriend of his knew about us and she is the one that sent him over.
Wade has always been a favorite here at Southern Strokes so we rewarded him with breaking in the straight boy. The thing I found most attractive about Derrick was that he really didn’t work out other than putting in a honest day’s work 5 days a week.
The two got naked and got up on their knees on the bed and started with kissing each other as they each fondled the other’s jewels. Wade leaned over and took Derrick’s cock in his mouth and showed him how to take it nice and slow and deep.
Derrick didn’t hesitate when it was his turn going in for more of Wade’s thick uncut cock. Derrick did surprise us when he went in for more this time Derrick grabbed hold of the Wade’s cock and slowly took it all the way down his throat.
Wade was so turned on that the wanted Derrick’s cock in is mouth and he wanted Derrick’s cum. Derrick finally gave Wade what he was waiting for; dumping a nice load of country boy juice all over Wade’s stomach.

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Hottie young boy Taylor Mason takes every inch of David Sky’s huge hard raw cock

Southern Strokes says: Taylor Mason wants to look his personal best and convinces David Sky to help him put together a good workout routine. Naturally, David is more than happy to help. He eagerly works out with Taylor, but he’s got an ulterior motive.

At the end of the workout, David leads Taylor to a chaise lounge as big as a bed, where Taylor slobbers on the thick and juicy uncut tool. David returns the oral favor but quickly moves to what he almost always wants and almost always gets… ass.

David makes a meal out of Taylor’s sweet hole… Taylor’s personal best, if you will. Once the twink is lubed and stretched, David slides home and pounds away. Taylor, hard as nails, begs David to fuck harder.

After a while, Taylor goes for a ride, taking every inch of David’s raw cock. After a good bareback ride, Taylor ends up on his back.

He jerks off as David fucks the cum out of him before getting blasted with a huge load from the young Spanish trainer.

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Southern Strokes Damien likes it ruff and deep and Josh reminds me of a rabbit the way he fucks

Southern Strokes says: In case I haven’t said it enuff, on Damien’s last visit to the Ranch, he showed up as horny as any model that I could remember. It didn’t cum as a surprise to anyone when cocky Josh stepped up letting it be known that he would be happy to fuck the cum out of Damien.
When guys start talkin’ like that you don’t ask questions, you just grab your cameras and let them go at it. Damien likes it ruff and deep and Josh reminds me of a rabbit the way he fucks. The boys made out for a while before they traded blow jobs but you could tell they were both here for the main event.
Josh started his work on Damien’s ass by bending him over the arm of the couch and taking slow long thrusts deep into Damien’s spread hole. After fucking for a good while, I wasn’t sure that Josh was gonna have the stamina to hang with Damien but he proved me wrong.
Our cocky fucker put Damien on his back and literally fucked him until he drilled the cum out of his cock. Josh then added a nice thick load of his own to the party covering Damien’s chest and abs.

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Uncut young wrestler boys Jack Finix fucks Nick Danner’s hot raw ass hole

Southern Strokes says: Dressed in their wrestling gear, Jack Finix and Nick Danner are practicing for their upcoming weekend bout. Except all that tumbling gets them sweaty, hard, and eager for a different sort of body contact.

Jack eventually pins Nick, and the two start making out. The bigger, beefy hunk-like twink pulls down his singlet to expose his cock, and Nick starts sucking. Then, after stripping down completely, Jack returns the favor.

He slobbers all over Nick’s young tool and proceeds to lick and kiss and make love to every inch of Nick’s body. After a while, Nick straddles Jack and impales himself.

A frantic, noisy bareback fuck follows, with plenty of delicious and horny noises as Jack pumps fast and furious into Nick, alternating with Nick fucking himself hard as he continues to ride Jack’s raw, uncut cock.

Jack gets Nick on all fours and pounds the smaller, smooth twink as if his life depended on how well he fucks.

The wrestlers end on the couch, with Jack pounding the cum out of Nick, then spewing an enormous load all over Nick, adding to the mess already there.

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Bryson mounts Austin and proceeds to open up his tight ass hole

Southern Strokes says: We had scheduled a marathon day of filming naked boys at the Lake House when we decided to squeeze in one more romp with our straight edge southern boy, Bryson. We only had one problem, we needed a hot bottom boy and we needed him at the Lake House fast.
Austin had been drinking by the pool most of the day so when he got the call, he was just drunk enough to tell us that he was ready for a cock in his ass. Austin is no virgin but I don’t think he had thought out what it was gonna be like to have a straight boy use his hole.
Austin was already naked with Bryson showed up glowing red from his partying by the pool. Austin was pretty buzzed and he was really a lot of fun. He seemed to be really turned on by Austin or maybe he was hard because he was getting taken by Bryson and his big fat cut cock.
Bryson loosened up Austin’s hole with his fingers for a bit to start the fun and then he mounted Austin and proceeded to open up his tight ass hole. Austin’s screams of pain made Bryson fuck him faster and harder.
Bryson didn’t get a chance to pull off his wrapper before he shot his load deep inside Austin’s fuck hole.

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Southern Strokes sexy young soccer boy Curtis Cameron’s huge twink cock raw fucking Gregor Gilead’s hot hole

Southern Strokes says: You do what you can for a friend in need of cheering up, even if that means giving them your ass.

Gregor Gilead is sitting in the living room when Curtis Cameron walks in.

His team just lost a game, and he is feeling kind of down.

Gregor offers a massage to help cheer him up, which Curtis likes.

Gregor gets down on his knees in front of Curtis and starts to massage his calf.

As he moves up the leg, he notices Curtis getting hard. Curtis has also now noticed and begins to grope himself while Gregor keeps massaging up his leg.

Gregor asks Curtis if he is horny, and of course, he is.

Curtis pulls out his dick, and after some kissing, Gregor’s mouth is on it.

He takes as much as he can and then switches with Curtis so he can get his cock sucked on too.

It isn’t long before Gregor is sliding Curtis’s dick inside him as they lay spooning on the couch.

Curtis loves fucking his buddy and soon is pumping away at Gregor’s open hole.

He makes him sit on it for a while before fucking him on his back.

Gregor is ready to cum and shoots his load on his belly while Curtis unloads all over his face.

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Southern Strokes hot twink top Luke Geer’s huge cock bare backing young bottom boy Vinny Wheeler

Southern Strokes says: It was never going to be a fair fight between the tall and strong Luke Geer, and petite Vinny Wheeler.

But Vinny secretly loved being thrown around in his tight and figure-hugging wrestling singlet by Luke.

And of course, Vinny was sending signals to Luke that he was down to get fucked, because his singlet was ass-less.

Before long, Luke has Vinny down and ordered him to suck his dick, which Vinny eagerly does.

Next thing, Vinny is on the bed on all fours, ass in the air, ready to take Luke’s meat deep inside of him.

Vinny gets fucked in a variety of positions, before getting cum all over his belly.

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Southern Strokes young twinks Jacob Harris and Andrey Zolins’ big uncut cock raw ass fucking

Southern Strokes says: Young cute boy Andrey Zolin is sitting on the sofa dressed in pants, t-shirt, and white socks.

He’s feeling horny and is wanking his big twink cock. All the while his best mate Jacob Harris is alone on the balcony finishing a cigarette. He feels the outline of his hard dick through his trackie bottoms.

Jacob joins Andrey on the sofa and they start to kiss and rub each others’ hardons.

Andrey bends down to suck ob Jacobs big uncut dick. He sucks it to the back of his young throat in big strokes up and down till his balls are on his lips.

Jacob then gets up, takes his pants off, flips Andrey on his side, and stuffs him. He was ready to fuck and wasn’t about to waste time taking off clothes. Andrey, with his pants around his knees, doesn’t seem to mind as he moans in pleasure.

They finally take off all their clothes so Andrey could ride Jacob and get that dick as deep up his hole as possible. Jacobs takes hold of his bottom’s waist and watches him bounce up and down on his cock.

They then lay side by side, fucking, while Andrey strokes his cock, until it shoots a load all over the couch. They keep fucking until Jacob gets up and unloading into Andrey’s open mouth.

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Young stud Corey Law’s huge twink dick bareback fucking Jacob Dolce’s hot smooth bubble ass

Southern Strokes says: Ever have a secret that just you and another friend share? What if fucking each other was that secret? Corey and Jacob have been fucking in private since the summer started.

After every training run, they stop off on the stairs near the school and have a little fun.

This day was no different. They never have a lot of time so without many words, Corey Law begins rubbing his hands all over Jacob Dolce’s cock through his spandex shorts, which gets both of them hard.

Corey loves watching his buddies dick print grow bigger and bigger. Jacob then pulls the shorts down while Corey gets on his knees, ready to suck some cock.

Jacobs grabs the back of Corey’s head and fills his mouth with his beautiful dick. Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Jacob taste his hard cock in return.

He then bends Jacob over the rail and slips his cock slowly into his hole. Corey doesn’t fuck hard, but makes sure Jacob feels every inch.

Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Corey control the ride for a little before they both stand up and stroke out their loads, leaving cum all over the stairs.

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Young stud Luke Geer bareback fucks Luky Cole’s hot boy hole

Southern Strokes says: Bad boys don’t always do bad things. Especially when those bad boys fuck so good.

Luke Geer and Luky Cole cut class to hang out in the old abandoned building.

And when I say hang out, I’m talking about their dicks. When they get there Luke pushes Luky against the wall and kisses him all over while they undress.

He then sits him down on the stairs and starts to work his mouth all over Luky’s big, hard cock, making sure to lick his balls and taint.

Not to be outdone, Luky switches places with Luke and shows him his tricks with a cock.

But that doesn’t last long as Luke bends Luky over the stairs and pushes his dick inside his buddies ass.

Moans of sex bounce off the concrete walls as Luke bangs Luky from behind.

Luky then gets knees down doggy on the steps where Luke mounts him like a bitch and fills his hole with cock.

He then gets on his back and strokes out a huge load all over his stomach, while Luke fucks him before getting a full cum facial.

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