Slam Rush Cloudy Slam Pig

Slam Rush says: I remember this boy showing up so nervous and shy, now look at him.

The bottom has been partying for days and can’t get fucked enough.

I’ve never had so many slammin pigs blow that many loads in one guy.

May have to cut him off soon for a little bit.

He can barely talk he’s so cloudy…or maybe it’s because his holes are staying filled with either dick or clouds.

Maybe just one more day before I let him beg for more.

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Slam Rush stupid cumdump got caught in the act I teach him a big bareback dick

Slam Rush says: One downside to turning these fucktoys into party pigs is that they’ll steal one of the guy’s stash eventually.

This stupid cumdump got caught in the act and the guys said they’d rather teach him a lesson themselves for a video instead of me handling it.

So, while the guys dicked down the little thief, I rented his ass out to rando slammin’ tops.

They all got to keep partying and free reign to do whatever to him.

Made my money back on the party supplies he stole and then some.

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