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Sean Cody says: Ripped muscled newbie Blake Ryan has wanted to partner with Brysen for a long time, so he’s super pumped to get to do his first-ever scene with the sexy hottie. Brysen is keen to know what the blonde muscular bottom is into, and he immediately replies, “Having my ass totally dominated by … Read more

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Sean Cody says: “I’m so excited to be back. I’ve missed it,” says Josh, and he’s also excited to be joined by new face Bentley. The guys get to know each other, and tattooed cutie Bentley tells Josh a bit about his love of cooking and sports, but Josh is more curious about what Bentley … Read more

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Sean Cody says: Asher’s in the studio with short, black-haired hottie Dale today, and this bottom is super excited to be filming with the sexy bearded Sean Cody star. Dale’s moans are loud as Asher starts to rim him, and he only gets louder as the top fingers his hole and fucks him doggy style. … Read more

Hairy chested muscle hunk Kelvin strips off down to his sexy white undies


Sean Cody says: Hairy chested muscle hunk Kelvin strips off down to his sexy white undies. Kelvin shows off his tattooed arms and well built chest and ripped six pack abs.

Kelvin’s dick is already hard and erect as he starts to jerk it slowly. Handsome young man Kelvin continues jerking his cock, his breathing more laboured as he comes closer to his orgasm.

With a few quick breaths, Kelvin blows a full cum load across his abs making a huge sticky mess.


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Hot interracial bareback ass fucking big muscle boys Landon and Brysen hardcore anal

Sean Cody says: As if Brysen couldn’t get any hotter, he returns to Sean Cody with a fresh cut and whole lot of cum for Landon.

The pair play a bit of baseball, a little foreplay in the taxi but they save the true workout for later.

While Landon’s washboard abs slam against Brysen’s tight ass, it’s obvious that this duo is a match made in heaven.


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Sexy young muscle studs Sean Cody Clyde and Lane hardcore bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Muscular stud Clyde and athletic cutie Lane are cuddled up and cozy as they discuss what Clyde’s first time fucking on film might be like. “It’s a little nerve-wracking, you know? He’s hot, and it’s scary.

I might cum like three seconds before!” says brown-haired Clyde. “Oh that’s not gonna happen! I’m not going to let that happen. My ass is real real tight, and you’re gonna figure that out real quick,” states tattooed Lane.

He continues, “How big is the dick?” “Sizeable, and decent,” replies Clyde after some thought. “Well, that’s good, and all I need. I just need a decent size,” responds Lane. “So no small fries?” jokes Clyde.

“I did a little research on you, and I like what I saw,” responds Lane. “Well, that makes two of us,” says Clyde coyly.


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Sexy Latino ripped muscle boy Hector strips naked and jerks his huge young dick

Sean Cody says: Hector is a sexy Latin guy with a thick, uncut cock and he knows how to use it.
“I know that I have a very thick dick and it could be painful so I always like to start slowly, and then when everything is going good I could go faster.”
He definitely brought some spice to Sean Cody, and we’re not complaining.


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Muscle boy hotties Sean Cody Jack bareback fucks Riley


Sean Cody says: Jack and Riley sure know how to swing their bats.

They warm up on the baseball diamond, prepping for a ball-filled day. “We’re about to get know each other really well,” says Jack. “I’m excited to see what the day entails for us.”

“We got a little pump in, a little workout playing some baseball,” says Riley. “I got him ready. I don’t want to wear him out later.”

“I’m going to have to fuck you up a couple times I think,” says Jack. “Well I definitely like being pushed around,” responds Riley.



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Sean Cody Mateo strips naked and jerks his big thick uncut dick

Sean Cody says: Mateo has a nice, lean body and wasn’t afraid to show it off. He’s been in the modeling industry for a little while now, so he’s used to the attention.
“So, you’re going to put on a little show for us today?”
“I’m always putting on a show!”
When asked about his dick, we got this response: “You know, I’m the kind of person that stays humble, and so I put my pants down and I let it speak for itself.”
Nicely put and he did not disappoint! He has a huge, uncut dick that would mesmerize anybody.


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Submissive track jock Bryan loves redheads

Sean Cody says: “I’m usually up by 4:30 a.m.,” Bryan explained. “Today I slept in ’til 6 a.m. that’s so late for me!”

He’s on the crew team at his school and he loves getting up early for practice.

“It’s so cool,” he said. “Out there before the morning fog has burned off.”

Bryan’s got a lot going on. He’s got a full schedule at school, with a full scholarship for crew and track.

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