The Puppeteer ties up young boy Liam Butler whipping and milking his big twink dick

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: This update is a special one, divided into various acts, the first, where the The Puppeteer gets Liam Butler out of the cage and ties him up, bound and his body full of pegs, which he later whips off with a single tail whip.

Before tying him to the ceiling in suspension, before the second act starts, here the boy, still tied to the ceiling gets rubbed and whipped by his master.

Then he gets tied in a body harness, where the whipping and bondage continues, until the final part, where the boy again tied, is milked by his Master before leaving him for later.

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Sexy young twink Daniel Karrington’s hot ass hole abused by gloved young fisters Erik Devil and Izan Loren

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: With Daniel Karrington now on his knees, both Izan Loren and Erik Devil know what kind of anal abuse they’re going to give the boy.

With his hole covered in lube and the guys with their gloves on, it’s time to start opening up the boy’s hole, a finger at a time, until eventually, their hands slide right in.

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Hottie Latino boy Enzo Lopez’s hot hole rimmed by sexy young twink Izan Loren

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: You could say that Enzo Lopez is just hanging around, waiting whilst gagged for someone to come in and use him, it’s no surprise that Izan Loren is soon rubbing the boys body and getting a feeling of what he has to offer.

Soon Izan is on his knees rimming the boy’s fuck hole, which soon is to be filled with toys, before ultimately getting Izan’s hard cock inside for a rough ride.

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Chained dildo stuck in Daniel Karrington’ tight butt as he worships his young master Erik Devil’s huge dick

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: After a short recap, young stud Daniel Karrington is now on all fours, awaiting his master Erik Devil’s return.

When he does, he covers the boy in milk, to later use his opened hole, which he fucks relentlessly in different positions, to finally have the boy suck him off and get covered in cum.

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Leather clad twink master Leo Marco controls sub boy Angel Black into servicing his big cock

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: Angel Black is tied and at his master’s mercy, who for a while is sat stroking his bulge whilst thinking just what he’ll do to the boy when the time comes.

Soon Leo Marco is on his knees jerking the boy off who’s still blindfolded, and playing with the boy’s nipples as he goes along.

Soon the boy is servicing his masters cock, and hopping onto it for the merciless fuck he so deeply needs!

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Sexy bearded older top Leo Marco’s fucks young Thai boy Jarred Bornet’s tight ass hole

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: After his introductory interview, sexy Thai boy Jarred Bornet is tied to the bed, his mouth gagged and his eyes, blindfolded. He’s now at the mercy of the new guy Leo Marco who will take full advantage of him.

Jarred’s cock gets rock hard as Leo’s tongue licks it from top to his balls. Leo has more on his mind and soon is untying the boy to rim his ass.

He then moves him so he has easy access for the throat fuck that will finish getting him hard for the fuck that’s yet to come.

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Suit Addicted whore Yah-Jil and Erik Devil bareback fucking hogtied Jhostin Brown’s smooth bubble ass

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: What was originally going to be an interview to meet Jhostin Brown, ends up becoming one of his most perverse fantasies.

Yah-Jil and Erik Devil were waiting for him, to get to know him deeply and fill his mouth with cum after a double fuck in all corners of the office, from the entrance, shelves, to the table, sweeping all the office supplies to give him a hard fuck.

The first thing our boys from My Dirtiest Fantasy did was to tie him to the chair and fill his mouth with their hard cocks.

His desire to suck took him to the floor, where Yah-Jil and Erik, besides drowning him with spit and humiliated him until he took him to the shelf where they started to fuck his ass, which was screaming for a good fuck.

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Hardcore twinks soccer players Erik Devil and Jarred Bornets’ big uncut dick fucking

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: Jarred Bornet heads for the post-training changing room with the coach instructing him to take his shower now. As he is about to take a shower he bumps into Erik Devil who decides he likes the look of Jarred.

He takes hold of Jarred firmly and whispers ‘I’m gonna breed your raw hole.’ The two hot twinks touch and feel each other, both their big cocks are rock hard before Jarred falls to the floor. On his knees Jarred unleashes Erik’s big uncut Spanish dick.

He gobbles it down until Erik’s dick is banging the back of his throat. Jarred’s bare ass takes a full-on big dicked assault barebacking him till he is ready to blow his load.

Erik can’t hold off any longer and seeds the young boy’s ass full of his hot cum. He’s quickly followed by Jarred unleashing his pent up orgasm. The boys relax in each others’ arms their sexual mores sated for the time being.

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Hot wax whipping Jacob Ryan punished by cruel master The Puppeteer

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: Young twink Jacob Ryan is roped tied and cock bound lying below a row of candles which The Puppeteer lights one by one.

The Puppeteer takes his place sitting to enjoy the sight of hot wax dripping from the candles onto Jacob’s naked body. He’s terrified and screams out as the liquid wax burns his skin.

However, The Puppeteer, not content that the young boy’s suffering is sufficient, tips some more wax over the boy’s body.

The only way to remove the burning wax is to whip it off with a wooden paddle. The wax gets knocked off leaving Jacob nursing the stings from the whipping and the hot wax.

Jacob’s torture session is not over by a long shot, he is now made to stand with his roped hands in the air. His legs are spread and The Puppeteer whips his balls.

To be later pinwheeled over, and finally the boy gets to try his master’s single-tailed whip!

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Izan Loren punishes young Thai footballer Jarred Bornet with his sweaty footie socks and big bare cock

My Dirtiest Fantasy says: Newbie Thai boy Jarred Bornet first came to our attention when he emailed us to ask if we could help fulfill his filthy soccer strip fantasy.

As the shooting starts Jarred arrives and strips out of his clothes and into some football kit. He kicks around a football showing off some of his ball skills.

Our team then bring on the cushions and tape, they secure his wrists together and position him so that his cock and ass are fully exposed and ready to be taken.

Sexy tattooed stud Izan Loren arrives and quickly eyes up Jarred, rubbing his body and watching as his cock gets harder as he strokes it.

Jarred’s cock quickly shoots up tall and erect, Izan removes his shoes and rubs his sweaty feet in Jarred’s face.

As Izan wanks his cock, Jarred licks his white socked feet. Izan then forces Jarred to sucks down hard on his big cock.

WIth Jarred spreadeagled on the cushions, Izan parts his tanned ass cheeks and runs his tongue deep down his ass crack, finding his hot boy hole and rimming it deep.

Izan gets plenty of his saliva dripping into Jarred’s hole making him ready for the coming hardcore cock fucking.

The bareback ass fucking is relentless with Jarred crying out in pleasure, and it is not long before Izan shoot his load into Jarred’s mouth and he swallows the creamy jizz down his hungry throat.

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