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Men at Play says: Corrupt politician Diego Summers (returning to MAP after 2-years) and architect Ruslan Angelo meet at a dirty warehouse to discuss an illegal construction project. Suspecting that they are being watched, the two men must be careful. With a plan in place, Diego wants another go with his friend, and while resistant … Read more

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Men at Play says: While moving into his apartment, John Brachalli, meets his new neighbor, Manuel Reyes on the elevator. Manuel is instantly attracted to John and vows to himself to be a very “good” neighbor. On their way to work the next morning, the two neighbors bump into each other again in the elevator. … Read more

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Men at Play says: Corporate Financial Controller Dani Robles is being given a polygraph by examiner Sir Peter. Mr. Robles is accused of tax fraud cheating the government out of millions of dollars in revenue. The government tax agency is in search of the truth but Dani insists on his innocence throughout. Once the lie … Read more

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This week Men at Play are getting all interactive with super hottie straight man, Paddy O’Brien (or perhaps more iPaddy!).  In Capsule Closet we get to choose what clothes Paddy starts with.  Should he be leather clad, a suit or a slick tux.  Check him out in all three and decide what is your calling.  … Read more