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Male Reality says: Tonny Ross walks into the house to find Timmi Taylor on the couch sulking about losing his pilot licence. So Tonny comforts him the best way he knows how.


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Enzo Bloom and Greg

Male Reality says: Greg and Enzo Bloom are fighting over how to build the tent, ’til Tarra steps in and shows them how. Once she’s gone the guys really start to get into it.


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Young boxers Joseph and Danny Castillo hardcore ass fuck


Male Reality says: While having a boxing lesson things start to heat up between Joseph and Danny Castillo. A little fun hitting turns into some steamy one on one bare action.


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George Basten and Johan Volny

Male Reality says: One soldier is going to get the drill-sergeant of a lifetime with George Basten and Johan Volny.


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Hot naked young boys Thomas Fiaty and Clint Sims hardcore anal fucking

Male Reality says: A frat house party gets crazy and some drinks are spilled, so young boys Thomas Fiaty and Clint Sims decide to spill some more juices.

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Oscar Hart is shocked at how big Chris Reed's dick is

Male Reality says: Oscar Hart is flipping through a twink magazine when Chris Reed walks in; Oscar is shocked at how big that dick is. So Chris drops his pants and shows him something bigger.

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Nerdy computer geeks Ricky Boy and Todd hardcore ass fucking

Timoti gets the best ass fucking from Georgio Black's massive cock

Male Reality says: Timoti’s having problems with his heater, so he gets a handyman to come and fix it. Georgio Black is lying on his back fixing the heater when Timoti comments on the big tool between Georgio’s legs. To Timoti’s shock it’s not a tool, it’s a massive cock.


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