Fresh-faced boy Dylan Turner turns Joshua James over to tongue fuck his tight hole

Jason Sparks Live says: Dylan Turner and Joshua James couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. As two young, Alabama boys, they have a lot in common, and not just their hunger for cock and cum.

Dylan’s never been on camera before, but don’t let his sweet, southern appearance fool you… This first-timer is no stranger to getting a little nasty.

As Joshua gobbles down his big cock, Dylan feels it swell in his bottom’s tight throat as he gets more turned on… And when Dylan returns the favor, it’s clear that his passion is for sucking dick.

It isn’t long before the fresh-faced boy quickly turns Joshua over to tongue fuck his tight hole, tasting his delicious cakes before plunging his raw cock deep inside.

By the way Dylan thrusts his meat into Joshua’s ass, it’s clear he’ll be fucking on camera a lot more often.

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Spencer Daley sucks down hard swallowing Sean Duran’s huge cock right to his cum filled balls

Jason Sparks Live says: The tatted top gets comfortable with his ginger bottom’s body as they lie in bed, answering Jason’s questions, and getting hornier with each passing minute.

Sean Duran is desperate to get his dick in a tight, pink hole, and Spencer Daley fits his meat like a glove.

The two start making out with Sean pulling Spencer in close.

The boyish stud massages Sean’s cock, feeling it pulse in his grip; excited to feel it slip inside his ass.

Spencer swallows down Sean’s shaft, working him into a sexual frenzy that only exacerbates his need to breed.

Sean bends Spender over the bed, devouring his tight pucker; getting it wet and warm for his fuck stick to pierce.

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Hunter uses Logan’s hole plunging his massive meat deep inside him as he moans

Jason Sparks Live says: Hunter’s big cock fills Logan’s throat as he grips the back of his neck and fucks his face hard. Even blindfolded, Logan takes each aggressive inch like a champ, slobbering over Hunter’s shaft; eager for it to fill his hole.

Hunter puts Logan on his back, lifting his legs up and using his hole, plunging his massive meat deep inside him as his moans fill the room. Hunter is merciless on his fuck toy’s hole, pounding him hard and deep as he milks out a load from his raw cock. Logan can’t believe how good it feels to have his prostate ravaged, hungry to be bred by his unseen top.

Many of these never before seen guys go on to shoot with some of the biggest studios in the world after getting their first taste of on-camera cock in front of Jason’s lens.

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Christian Blue plunges his huge raw cock deep in Scott Demarco’s bare bubble ass

Jason Sparks Live says: Christian Blue wraps his mouth around Scott Demarco’s thick, massive cock, feeling it fill his mouth as he lies on the bed. Scott feels Christian’s tongue massage his shaft, all while looking down at his partner’s smooth, round ass.

Scott crawls across the bed on all fours, presenting his firm cheeks and tight hole for Christian to devour. Christian slaps Scott’s ass, feeling his meat shake in his hands, as he tongue fucks his scruffy lover. He slides his finger inside, feeling the taut sphincter clench around his knuckle; getting him even harder as he thinks about it gripping his raw cock!

Scott lays on his back and lifts his legs up as Christian plunges deep inside his pelvis, jack hammering his ass with his raw cock. Scott’s prostate endures the sexy twinks intense thrusts, pushing him closer and closer to an intense climax!

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Michael Brinks and Jake Matthews bareback ass fucking

Jason Sparks Live says: Jason Sparks latest find Michael Brinks is just itching to fill Jake Matthews’ hole with his big cock. Jake makes sure his cock is hard as a rock as he deep throats it before Michael pounds his ass with his raw dick. Jake’s hole is filled with cum that oozes out as Michael removes his cock.

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