Coconut Calvin jerks his massive hard cock while swimming naked


Island Studs says: Coconut Calvin, a horse hung island jock with a smooth muscle butt and powerful athletic thighs from years of climbing Coconut palms and harvesting fruit whacks open Coconuts with his big machete fully naked beside his truck, drinks the juice and pees three times on camera in this exclusive video from island studs.

The exclusive sports action cam films underwater as Coco Calvin jerks his massive hard cock while swimming naked in the clear pool water for the very first time.

If you have ever fantasized about watching a real blond island stud open fresh Coconuts for you to drink fully nude, Coco Calvin is not to be missed.

Don’t miss the exclusive sports action cam as our special underwater camera records all of Coco Calvin’s JO action from underwater.

As the camera glides between Calvin’s powerful thighs underwater, this sexy athlete spreads his legs wide exposing his round ass cheeks and his heavy nuts and hard dick.


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Red headed young stud Clyde jerks his huge dick till a huge jizz explosion


Island Studs says: Clyde is a friendly straight South Carolina blue collar redhead with a big white ass and a big thick cock who works naked collecting branches in a sunny Oregon field beside the forest, before busting a big load of jizz on camera for the first time.

Check out Clyde’s red furry nut sack and red dick hair as he works in the bright pacific northwest sun, wearing only garden gloves and shoes as he moves the wheelbarrow through the high grass fully nude.

Listen to this sexy blue collar country boy speak about women and talking about his big dick with a thick southern accent as he jerks his cock standing in the beautiful Oregon forest.

He has a thick smooth blue collar body, a hard cock with a big head that scoops up to this navel when fully erect. Still dirty from all his sweaty garden work, horny Clyde sits down outside in the sun to jerk his hard cock and plays with his hairy heavy nut sack.


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Hottie young muscle butt boy Island Studs Isaac shows off his white bubble butt and 8 inch cock

Island Studs says: Muscle butt boy, Isaac is a super friendly, talkative, all American Jewish hunk from New York City, attending Law School in Oregon who enjoys showing off his amazing “ink free” athletic body.

Flexing and posing his RIPPED “8-pack” abs, big biceps, tight white bubble butt with dimples above his ass cheeks, spins his long 8″ dong in a “helicopter”, moons us in his tight white undies, then pumps up his big biceps and performs squats in a totally sexy full nude gym workout, presses his swollen cock and big balls between his tight ass cheeks and humps a Big Blue exercise ball in the sun.

He takes 2 Loud Power Pisses in an orange bucket, repeatedly shows off his very hairy armpits, lifts up his long cock, playfully show off his heavy cum filled ball sack, before going to a public nudist beach to proudly parade around outside fully nude out in public by the river with is long dong dangles below his balls.

He plays and skinny dips in the cool water and suns his ripped body floating on his raft in the river and talks to us while taking a erotic hike riverside wearing only is college backpack and shoes for us all to enjoy his amazing body. You will not believe this is Isaac’s very first time posing naked for photos or video.

He is so comfortable flexing, posing and showing off this beautiful cock and muscle butt! “I’ve never even sent anyone a Dick Pic!” he states with a sweet College Boy Smile. We meet this beautiful All American Jewish Boy, parading around a crowded nudist beach in Oregon with his boner bouncing between is thick white runner tights “checking out the girls”.

Listen to him tell the story of how we approached him to become a model while standing with his cock half hard by the water’s edge with everyone watching. It is always exciting to meet and cast a young exhibitionist while he is fully naked and showing off this cock and balls in public.

Isaac arrived the very next day for the shoot, wearing his college clothes: a collared shirt, baggy black workout pants, neatly trimmed dark head hair and his bright eyes, youthful charm and a winning personality.

This athletic jock is in his third year of Law School, loves working out at the University Gym and running Cross Country outdoors in the green Oregon Mountains and beside his favorite rivers and lakes.

He has the perfect runner’s butt: firm and round and white! Underwear Lovers will appreciate seeing Isaac’s Big Dick and firm ass pressing against the shear fabric or his tight white underwear as he flexes and poses for our cameras.

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Lil Boy Lance & huge 10 inch dick Glenn are back as naked bike ride buddies


Island Studs says: Lil’ Boy Lance and huge 10 inch cock Glenn are back as naked bike ride buddies in this hot duo action video. Lil’ Lance, the polite well-mannered boy from Maine and Glenn, the foul mouthed Puerto Rican Jersey stud is back, this time together for a naked bike ride.

When they arrived on bikes for their second shoot, I immediately asked them to strip naked and continue to ride for my cameras.

Lil’ Lance seems to chuckle at Glenn’s antics and continues to be the sweet muscle boy with the amazing six pack ripped abs we met during his first shoot.


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Chuck and Chris talk as they play naked football together


Island Studs says: Real Oregon roommates bearded hairy Chuck and smooth big balls Chris, agreed to meet us in the forest beside the River for their very first nude photo shoot AND totally naked sweaty football action.

Chuck 5’11” and 155 lbs, has a thick cock that slaps against his hairy thighs and bounces up against his totally furry cock hair as he catches the football out in public.

Chris, a tall, 6’2″ and thick 185 lbs, has a HUGE low hanging NUT SACK that dangles and bounces around his white football thighs as he tosses the ball to his roommate.

Listen as Chuck and Chris talk totally unscripted as they play Naked Football together.


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Sexy black skater boy Curtis jerks his huge 9 inch monster cock


Island Studs says: Horse-hung Honolulu skater boy Curtis is an athletic Afro-American twink with a tight all-natural smooth boy-body, full bush of dark dick hair, big pecs and a huge 9 inch monster cock.

Curtis lifts weights completely naked with a throbbing rock hard dick, skinny dips in the pool and jerks off with his skateboard.

Sports action underwater camera is back in action following big dick Curtis underwater as he swims with a full erection and jerks his beautiful black cock in the pool.

Check out Curtis’ amazing black furry butt from inside the swimming pool as he spreads his legs wide giving us full views of his boy butt hole from underwater.


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Cute 18 year old uncut college freshman Damon jerks out a huge cumload


Island Studs says: Hairy chested twink Damon is a cute 18 year old uncut college freshman with a furry chest and cock, a super hairy ass cheeks which he spreads wide open while showing us his full hot nude yoga session.

Then without a moments notice he fingers his sexy boy hole while busting a big load of jizz all over his furry belly and onto his smiling young face and lips.

As Damon bends over and stretches low, his hairy butt cheeks open wide to expose his dark hairy boy hole. Watch as cute Furry Damon turns his hairy butt to the camera and bends over wide a second time, revealing his pink, hair covered butt hole.

Watching this playful 18 year old stroke his rock hard uncut throbbing cock and manhandling his big hairy ball sack is not to be missed. He shoots load after load of creamy boy juice all over his hairy boy belly and past his navel onto his cute face and lips.


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Kona confesses he loves jerking his impressive thick Hawaiian dick


Island Studs says: Kona, a native Hawaiian surfer with a big brown smooth bubble butt and thick athletic thighs enjoys stroking his brown cock while working outdoors naked.

Kona is the popular beach town on the big island of Hawaii famous for growing coffee and the name of a beefy Hawaiian surfer born and raised there.

Kona confesses that he enjoys being naked outside and it is apparent he loves jerking his impressive thick Hawaiian dick.


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Island Studs says: For the very first time Brooklyn bad boy AJ, shows off his thick Italian cock and busts a nut. AJ, a cocky straight guy has a thick masculine build and natural body hair. Sporting a baseball cap, camo shorts, heavy metal t-shirt and a playful sexy smile, he wanks his hard erect cock out of his shorts. Then he grabs his monster cock and twirls it around like a helicopter before taking a piss on the green grass.
Now relaxed with being a nude model, AJ jerks his big dick, with beads of sweat pouring off him in the heat. AJ then poses for the camera, flexing his arms over his head with his dick throbbing between his furry thighs. His cum shot shoots huge amounts of thick juicy goo all over his hands and crotch covering his big heavy ball sack in his own creamy cum.


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Sexy Drew cups his big ball sack as he jerks his swollen dick


Island Studs says: While this is Drew’s first nude shoot, he is comfortable with me and while performing naked garden work for our cameras.

Watch as jerking Drew plays with his dick head delicately caressing his pink cut cock head with his dirty farmer hands and his strong veiny forearms as his big ball sac dangles below the cement blocks.

Watch how dirty Drew gets as he rips up the tall weeds in the garden with his bare hands.

Listen to Drew explain which plants in our garden like to be pissed on, as he holds his cock with his dirty hands and releases a strong pee onto the flowering Orange tree.

Once again, this dirty dairy farmer plays with his dick head and cups his big ball sack as he jerks his swollen stick.


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