Roman Todd returns the favour by licking Billy Santoro's ass rimming him deeply with his tongue

Icon Male says: Nick Sterling throws a dare right back at Roman Todd which is to take Billy Santoro into the bedroom and give him a little blowjob action. Roman is a sore loser and won’t let Nick win that easy. He takes stud Billy into the bedroom and Billy shows him how well he can suck a dick.
Roman returns the favour by licking Billy’s ass. They fuck each other till they’re dripping with cum.


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DeAngelo Jackson’s huge black bareback cock deep fucking Avery Jones’ hot bubble ass

Icon Male says: DeAngelo Jackson has to show veteran masseuse Avery Jones his skills. After an intense massage session Avery can’t help but sample a little of Deangelo’s delicious body. The young stud is soon climbing all over Deangelo’s magnificent body and takes every inch of Deangelo’s cock Bareback down his throat and up his ass.

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Trent Ferris’ ass slides up and down on Sam Truitt’s big raw dick


Icon Male says: Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt are two friends, nervously chatting about different things. Having never fooled around before, they discuss what they’ve been up to since they last hung out.

Sexual tension is thick and both are nervous. They’re open to trying different things and, breaking the ice with a kiss, they start softly.

The make-out quickly increases in intensity, feeling each others’ toned thin bodies. Taking each others’ shirts off, they compliment each others’ bodies.

Trent reaches down into Sam’s shorts, playing with his hardening cock before kissing him, nervously undoing his pants, sucking on his long dick, slowly moving his head up and down. Sam moves over to return the favor, sucking on Trent’s dick.

Slowly it changes from soft to hard. Sam sucks on his balls then moves on to his tight ass, getting it ass nice and wet.

Trent gives him the signal to come climb on top of him, and Sam’s long dick plunges into Trent’s ass bareback. Trent jerks his dick as his ass slides up and down on his friend’s raw dick.

Fucking ferociously, Sam’s dick slides in and out of his twinky friend’s smooth hole. His thick bush tickling his asshole, as Sam fucks the cum right out of Trent’s beautiful cock.

Seeing him cum pushes Sam over the edge. Pulling out of Trent, he lets his thick load land on Trent’s toned stomach.



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Brandon Wilde finally gets Kory Houston into bed with him engaging in the naughtiest boy on boy sex

Icon Male says: Kory Houston and Brandon Wilde are roommates while working together at a hotel. Brandon keeps trying to get Kory to sleep with him but Kory keeps insisting that Brandon just isn’t his type.
Persistent yet playful Brandon finally gets Kory into bed with him. They engage in the naughtiest boy on boy sex. From deep dick sucking, to slamming each other’s tight assholes.
Tonight is only about hard-core fucking and cum bursting fun.


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Icon Male gay porn site 4 star review

Icon Male gets a 5 star rating! Mature masculine gay porn stars having hard core sex with younger dudes! Icon Male is a recent addition to the gay porn scene which combines gay porn stars with muscled hunks and smooth young twinks. The feel here is of big budget Hollywood style movies with the more … Read more

Would be priest Lance Hart’s hot asshole fucked by hairy hunk Tommy Defendi’s massive thick dick

Icon Male says: Lance Hart has returned to the church where he used to study to be a priest. He confesses to Father Francisco that he left the church because he met a parishioner that he felt a strong connection with, a guy that was also interested in the priesthood. Lance felt a strange reaction … Read more

JD Phoenix gets his hot ass rimmed then fucked by Gabriel Alanzo’s massive cock

Icon Male says: The stunning JD Phoenix and Gabriel Alanzo explore their sexuality deeper than ever in this Icon Male exclusive with passionate guy on guy steamy sex including intense foreplay, cock sucking and wild relentless fucking! Do not miss this scene.


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Troy Accola and Hans Berlin are instantly fucking each other senseless

Icon Male says: Sexual tension is becoming overwhelming between Hans Berlin and his stepson Troy Accola once Troy finally makes a move they are instantly fucking each other senseless taking out all of the tension on each other’s bodies.

Sucking and fucking each other till they’re bursting with cum! Clearly this is will be their little secret.


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Young hottie Asa Shaw’s smooth asshole fucked by hairy hunk Ty Roderick

Icon Male says: Dreamy jock Ty Roderick is coaching aspiring football player Asa Shaw so that he can make the football team. Even though Asa fumbles every catch, Ty encourages him to keep trying. But it isn’t long before Asa gets discouraged and wants to take a break. Truthfully, he doesn’t really care about sports. … Read more

Big hairy muscle stud Drew Sebastian’s hot ass bare fucked by Dr Jack Vidra’s massive pierced dick

Icon Male says: Dr. Jack Vidra is making his rounds and he’s checking up on his favorite patient Drew Sebastian. Drew has a very special part of his body that the doctor is especially interested in. Drew has one of the biggest cocks in the business and Dr. Jack wants to wrap his hand and … Read more