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Himeros says: Amsterdam on a cold winter’s day, with light snowfall. A solitary man takes in the scene from his window. The view is frozen and still.

A voice speaks gentle beautiful words that hold the lone man’s body as a lover would do.

“This body is my home. My body and I have worked at being friends since the day I was born. It has taken a long time to fully come to love me for all that I am and all that I’m not.

I’m happy to say that today, even when the world outside might look dead or frozen, I feel completely content, warm, and at home in myself.” “I love this body. I love being alive in it… I have everything I need, here, now.”

Since my birth my body and mind have learned how to be friends. I have come to love myself over the years, to love that which I am, and to appreciate that which is not me.

Even though the outside world might look hard and frozen, I am completely whole and at home in this body, and a fierce fire burns inside me. I love and I feel alive and the world provides everything that I need just now.

I’m in love with life, a powerful moment in time and most importantly I am at peace.

A movement behind the glass, the still scene comes to life as my lover returns. Indeed our lovers reflect who we are and the relationships that become us.

This film shows us that a new lover came to him once he first found love for himself. Instead of coming from a place of desperation or pain, this man passionately made love to his own body first, until a new lover appeared to reflect that reality.

Through pleasure and fun, these two lovers, these two reflections, merge into one. And it’s beautiful to watch. Featuring Bishop Black and Kris Blent.

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Pierce Paris dons his vintage college wrestling singlet as Dalton Briggs sucks down every inch of his long meaty cock

Himeros says: Like many couples who have been together quite some time, Pierce Paris and Dalton Brigg’s sex life has tended towards a sexual cul-de-sac, verging on the edge of boredom. And because fleeting newness is a spark plug for heightened sexual excitement and arousal, the young men create their own secret world of sexual fantasy through which they newly explore their sex life.

Dalton retells of a dream in which they’re both in the backseat of a 1966 Lincoln Continental. Pierce is wearing his vintage college wrestling singlet, and Dalton is sucking down every inch of Pierce’s long, meaty dick. As we the audience watch their story unfold, we become more engrossed as their horny fantasy comes to life before our very eyes.

Indeed fantasy, as the narrator tells us, transforms the friction of sex into something magical.

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