Interracial white guy sucking big black dick then switches up taking that huge ebony man meat deep in his hole

Harlem Hookups says: So all of my gamer buds on here will understand this dudes personality type lol. You guys know those quiet gamer nerds that don’t say much but can tell you about every game there ever was? Well that’s exactly who Ian was.

We met him at the game stop because I was picking up a new game. I noticed Ian right away because he had a massive bulge! He was wearing some jeans the hugged in all the right places and I’m def a crotch watcher.

Of course Xander is checking out his ass too and I guess he noticed because his dick totally swelled! I can’t put everything here because I only have so many characters . But we ended up exchanging numbers and having some sexting fun.

This dude said he’s never sucked a dick or had one in his ass! And honestly he was totally telling the truth! His ass was super tight and he couldn’t suck his way out of any bad situation that required some dick sucking to get out of.

And he mentions to us that he’s seen us on porn hub and has busted countless nuts to our fuckventures! He def wasn’t as shy at texting as he was in person! He was begging to suck our dicks and to be the first guys to open up his hole.

So we invited him to come over that night after he got off work. We agreed to let him work on our dicks but he had to agree to let us show you guys his cute eager fuckin face. We are def gonna have to put this pup through a lot of training.

But its gonna be so much fuckin fun! we got to use him that night and he took our raw dicks that next morning.

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Harlem Hookups Military Mouth Fuck

Harlem Hookups says: So I get bombarded with emails from fans constantly. There are literally thousands of emails between my gmail, Tumblr and twitter. And you guys are so hot. Well I was talking to Seth who I discovered was a DL military dude.
And had been watching my stuff and jackin his meat secretly when he was in duty sometimes really turned me on. After doing this on tumblr for a while it evolved into months of sexting on our cell phones. He would send me vids of him jacking all over base and busting nuts on random military objects or someone barracks.
So finally we had arranged to meet and he agreed to do a video but he didn’t want to fuck. But I took what I could get because I wanted to share this hot bro with you guys. He had only gotten a bj from a guy one other time. He was begging me to suck him like the dudes he watches on my site.
In fact he was even watching me getting fucked by hung white dudes from times before while I was sucking him. I thought it was a little odd but he was happy with it so I was cool. Lol. I think I want to tie him to a chair next time. And edge his dick, then tease it with my raw hole.
He will be begging to fuck me then. What do you guys think?


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Harlem Hookups – we parked at the end of a dead end street and he fucked me right in the back seat

Harlem Hookups says: I’m pretty much obsessed with this dudes dick. He is DL and can’t host and I have family in town so we have to get creative with our fuck sessions. You guys know I’ll take dick anywhere any time. He hit me up in the morning tellin me he hadn’t nut in 3 days.
I told him I had family in town and couldn’t host. So he told me to drive over to Brooklyn and we would park and find a spot. Lol. So we parked at the end of a dead end street and he fucked me right in the back seat. Before we parted he told me he had a surprise for me.
It was a white dude he knows and they get together and have strike sessions to my porn. LOL! But the dude has never been with another guy sexually. So he told me to meet him back over later that night and meet him while he gets a tattoo worked on.
Cade is his name. He’s this cute ass goof! y white boy just like you guys like lol. He wasn’t shy but I could convince him to do a fuck scene…….well yet. You guys know how I am I usually get what I want. Just gotta be patient lol.
But he was down to get his “first” bj from a dude. He is pretty young so maybe it’s true. But I’m a skeptic lol. He had a pretty big load. Covered my face. And Kassi busted 2 nutts back to back. This whole day was full of so much cum.
I’m just glad my life is returning back to normal so I can focus on what I I really want…..DICK. Enjoy the vids guys. Keep your dicks warm. Winter is coming.


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