Sexy young dudes Vincent OReilly’s hot asshole rimmed and eaten by Dario Alexander

Guys In Sweatpants says: My favorite videos are when you have two guys who just love to fuck/get fucked, who love it raunchy, and who get so into it that they forget they’re being filmed just like this video.

If you couldn’t tell, eating ass is one of Dario’s favorite things to do, especially when it looks like Vincent’s.

And I made sure Dario knew Vincent loves getting choked out while getting fucked, which was right up Dario’s ally so they were both in heaven.

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Nicolai’s first experience sucking a dick

Guys In Sweatpants says: Nicolai contacted me a while back wanting to have his first experience with a guy, and after about 6 months of chatting, he finally decided to give it a try.

He was really nervous, but luckily Dacotah is not only good at sucking dick, but he loves it.

It took him a bit, but he finally started to loosen up and really enjoy Dacotah’s warm mouth sucking him cock until he blew onto his face.

Nicolai has already texted me wanting to come back so I’m sure we’ll see him pounding some hole soon.

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Colton Grey’s huge thick dick fucks Clark Parker’s sloppy hole

Guys In Sweatpants says: It seems ages since we have seen Clark Parker getting his ass fucked and we had just the guy to stretch his tight hole, Colton Grey.

Colton’s thick cock was just what we and Clark needed.

Clark himself is not small in the dick department but he loves to bottom for men with big dicks.

Sometimes you just wanna use a hole until it drains every last drop of your loadout, especially when that hole turns into a huge cum slut at the end and lets his top wipe and spit his load in his mouth and face.

Another sloppy hole fucked and satisfied.

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Hottie young dudes Greyson Lane and Spencer Blue hot ass fucking

Guys In Sweatpants says: Spencer Blue is a 23-year-old SoCal boy who came to us looking to fuck some hot boys on camera.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Greyson Lane but I figured he’d be a perfect fit since they’re both local boys.

After comparing and counting their many sexy AF tattoos, they ripped off the rest of each other’s clothes and went at it.

Greyson is the perfect kind of bottom who just likes to lay back and watch his top use his hole, and that’s right up Spencer’s ally.

Their fuck fest left Greyson happily covered in both of their loads and smiles on both of their faces!

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Andy Taylor’s smooth hole worked on by Michael Jackman’s tongue and thick cock

Guys In Sweatpants says: “That is one of the best dicks I’ve had in a long while,” Andy Taylor says as we’re hiking up a mountain with some of Michael’s load still in him.

The last time we saw Andy, he was putting some good use to a nice hole, but now he’s getting his beautiful, smooth hole worked on by Michael’s tongue and thick cock.

You can tell how much Michael loves that hole from how he eats it. Eager to have him inside, Andy wets his hole with both of their spit, then lets Michael slide his cock in.

He plays with the hole with just the head before slowly sliding all 8 inches in and treating the hole like a nice hole should be treated.

It’s always hot as fuck watching a rock hard bottom ride the load out of his top’s throbbing cock, and Andy doesn’t disappoint us!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy ripped stud Marcus Young fucks young hottie Romeo Foxx’s smooth asshole

Guys In Sweatpants says: These boys said it themselves: a nice dick deserves a nice ass, and a nice ass deserves a nice dick. If you’ve seen Romeo Foxx’s other videos on the site, you know he loves getting fucked and he’s damn good at it.

These two were looking forward to getting each other all weekend so I just let them go at it, especially since I know how bad Marcus Young was craving that ass.

Every top loves a bottom who can cum and let you keep fucking him until you’re done with him… and it was Marcus’ lucky day cus that’s Romeo! In case you need to cool down after watching this, feel free to jump in the pool with them at the end!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hot young dude Andy strips Daniel eats his ass and fucks him senseless till he blow his load all over

Guys In Sweatpants says: It’s been awhile, but Andy is back.

Everyone loves some fresh, especially when it looks like Daniel.

I figured Daniel’s beautiful ass was a perfect welcome back gift.

After getting to know Daniel a bit, Andy stripped him down and ate his ass before bending him over and fucking him senseless.

They fucked on every inch of the couch, Daniel even showed off his blowjob skills that left Andy quite satisfied.

Once Andy nutted in Daniel’s ass, he took Daniel’s load all over his face.

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RJ Dumont slides his huge wet cock into Beaux Banks beautiful smooth hole

Guys In Sweatpants says: There’s getting your dick sucked, then there’s getting your dick sucked by RJ Dumont. You could almost get off by just watching his soft lips and wet tongue work up, down, and around Beaux Banks’ fat cock.

There’s fucking a bottom, then there’s sliding your wet cock into Beaux Banks’ beautiful, smooth hole.

Since vers boys have more fun, these two fucked each other all over the kitchen and living room with plenty of underneath views of Beaux’s leg hiked up to get the full orgasmic experience of RJ pounding away.

RJ LOVES cum so demanded Beaux bust his load on his face and mouth. And if you love some quality comedy, be sure to watch the first 5 min of the video as these two debate how to boil water (yes, really).

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Half Brotherly Love with RJ Dumont and Judas King


Guys In Sweatpants says: They aren’t really related, but the resemblance is there and we all got a laugh out of passerby’s at the park hearing them claim they are and then watching them make out.

It was the highlight of our day up until they got in bed and starting tearing each other’s clothes off. The term “vers boys have more fun” couldn’t be more true, and these boys proved that.

They both love to please a nice hole as well as have their own hole pleased by a nice raw cock. Judas has a tongue that can please any hole for hours on end which is exactly what he did before flipping RJ over and fucking his brains out.

RJ Dumont got a glimpse of Judas King’s ass and had to take a go at it, which left Judas’ with literal chills before he took one last go at RJ’s ass by fucking the cum out of him.


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Bareback anal Jackson’s raw ass ride

Guys In Sweatpants says: Ash’s fat cock is a thing of beauty, and Jackson enjoys every last inch of it in this video. Every once in awhile, he would pull it out of his mouth, look at it, and just smile.

But who wouldn’t?? Ash was more than happy to return the oral favor on Jackson’s perfect hole, getting it nice and lubed up before he stood up and slid his fat cock all the way into it.

Gotta love the look of ecstasy on a bottom’s face when you hit that spot for the first time.

Their fucking is super hot, but I think the hottest part is when Ash has Jackson flat on the bed, pounding him, and Jackson just begs for more.

Ash’s loads are always explosive, and this is no exception. Cum makes for the best lube for sliding his cock back in Jackson too.

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