FraternityX loosen him up

Fraternity X says: We were just chilling out. Jerking our dicks off to some porn and getting our buzz on. I guess we got a little carried away. Thought one of the pledges would look better with a dick in his mouth. OMG this one wouldn’t stop screaming.


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Fraternity X freshmen fucking

Fraternity X says: We gotta get creative when the rush is over and there aren’t any pledges around to fuck our stress away. So, we play games or some shit. The bros who’ve been around a while know what’s up, we know who is going to lose what game. Think we’d just randomly fuck the … Read more

Fraternity X horny frat-boys fuck

Fraternity X says: Tyler loves to sniff the poppers. Dudes always trying to hit the bottle when he’s a got a dick up his ass. We all like to get a little buzzed. But this dudes always dropping the damn bottle. Party foul! We we pinned his ass down and tied him up. Busted this kid a new hole.

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Fraternity X we were fucked up watching some porn and decided to have some fun with Riley

Fraternity X says: We were fucked up watching some porn and decided to have some fun with Riley. He was tied up behind the sofa so we dragged his ass out.
Everyone was fighting over his hole for a few hours. Trying to get a piece of it. The poor dude wouldn’t stop screaming. So we gagged his ass and told him to shut up.
A couple dudes tried to DP him. Then everyone just dropped their loads in his ass and threw him back behind the sofa.

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Young college dudes dumped cum loads on Pierce’s cute face


Fraternity X says: Marcus fucked my boys girl. Fuck that dude! We threw his ass onto the sofa and stuffed both holes with our college meat.

Pierce came back from the store with brewskies just in time for a piece of that hot ass.

We dragged him across the room to finish him off. Dumped our loads on his pretty face then threw his ass into some empty beer cans. Done.

Pounding holes is a full time job in this house. We’re working overtime.


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