Dirty step daddy Chris Damned’s huge raw dick bare fucks cute step son Andrew Powers’s hot boy hole

Family Dick says: Perverted step-dad Chris Damned has a little Easter surprise for his cute blonde young stepson Andrew Powers. Andrew is super excited as he sets off around the house finding all the hidden eggs. The final egg is under the sofa and as he crouches down to retrieve it, step-daddy Chris doesn’t a … Read more

Family Dick tattooed hot hunk stepdad Chris Damned’s fucks stepson twink Sebastian Hunt’s tight bubble butt

Family Dick says: Proud stepdad Chris Damned is happy to welcome his son Sebastian Hunt back from college for the holidays.

Chris helps him settle back in, helping him unpack when he finds a dildo sex toy in his son’s backpack.

Holding the dildo aloft Chris asks Sebastian about it.

Sebastian decides not only to explain but to show his dad how it works.

After blowing the rubber toy a few times, Sebastian strips off his clothes to just his white socks and bends over the bed, asking “Do you want to try it?”

Chris inserts the dildo carefully into Sebastian’s asshole slowly working it in until it is all the way in.

Sebastian asks “Dad, are you hard?” as he unzips Chris’s pants and sucks his big erect uncut dick to the back of his throat.

“Do you wanna show me how you fuck Mum?

Chris then fucks stepson Sebastian until he blows his load all over himself quickly followed with an explosive cum shot all over them both.

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Family Dick tattooed business man Chris Damned’s huge uncut cock barebacking young dude Braden Taylor’s hot bubble ass hole

Family Dick says: Sexy business guy Chris Damned is busy working from home but he keeps getting distracted by his noisy young stepson Braden Taylor.

After Braden interrupts yet another meeting, Chris decides he needs to take care of Braden to keep his quiet.

He forces Braden under the desk and unleashes his huge hard uncut dick.

Braden works the huge cock in his mouth choking on it at the back of his throat.

Chris turns Braden around and pulls down his pants and shoves his massive uncut cock deep into his asshole.

Braden moans as Chris enters his hot hole. Chris braces himself on the desk pumping his dick even deeper.

Braden loves Chris taking his ass and bareback fucking him hard.

Then Chris stops suddenly and tells Braden to go do his homework. “What I don’t get to cum?” cries Braden.

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Family Dick hot young stepbrother Jack Hunter’s huge raw dick fucking Kirk Cummings’ sexy ass

Family Dick says: It’s their dad’s birthday coming up and stepbros Jack Hunter and Kirk Cummings decide to shoot a set of brotherly photographs for his present.

As they embrace each other for the camera, Kirk tries to kiss his stepbrother, Jack at first resists but then he gets close and the hot bros make out kissing passionately.

Kirk then gets on his knees as Jack strips off his pants and unleashes his already hard dick.

He shoves that dick right between Kirk’s lips stuffing his face till his balls are slapping against his chin.

Kirk knows how to worship a guy’s cock sucking it hard in deep strokes then Jack returns the favor giving Kirk the best blowjob of his life.

But Jack wants more and he spins Kirk around and parts his ass cheeks with his hands rubbing his tongue across his tight asshole.

Kirk can’t get enough of this ass rimming and presses his ass hard onto Jack’s face.

Once Kirk’s hole is lubed with his spit, Jack pumps his thick dick into Kirk’s ass hole in long hard strokes.

Kirk moans as Jack bare fucks his raw hole.

Now on his back, Kirk’s ass is taking a pummelling with Jack getting close to orgasm but he holds off until Kirk sprays his cum all over.

Jack then pulls out and coats them both with his jizz before fucking the cum back inside Kirk’s hot hole.

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Step brothers Johnny Ford and Isaac Parker big dick ass fucking

Family Dick says: Young Johnny Ford and his older stepbrother Isaac Parker are reminiscing about their younger days when they use to fool around together when no one was looking.

They would often suck each other’s big dicks and sometimes Issac would slip his hard erect dick between Johnny’s smooth ass cheeks. Johnny loved that sensation of being ridden by his older step-bro and he kind of missed that ass action.

Issac sees Johnny’s look and he undoes his pants and flops out his big dick as Johhny bends over and takes his step-bros cock full length into his tight hole. The intensity of their feelings for each other starts with a hard fucking which ends when both bros shoot their loads. Thanks for the memory, Issac.

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