Dirty Scout 218

Dirty Scout says: This young man was in trouble. He was totally broke and needed a job as soon as possible.

Too bad he had absolutely no work experience. He did have a certificate of apprenticeship in cooking but that wasn’t enough. Thank god he was smart enough to ask only for a simple warehouse job.

I’m sure that moving boxes around was something he could handle. Now I wanted him to take care of my horny dick. Our mediation fee doesn’t pay itself, so the guy had to do me a favor. I asked him to suck me off right away and he agreed.

I wondered if he had ever done it before because he wasn’t bad at all. Even his tight ass swallowed my cock like nothing. I guess, the guy had a talent.

I ended the interview with a huge cum shot on his cute face. The poor guy barely could breath through all the mess I created.


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Dirty Scout 202


Dirty Scout says: A very innocent looking guy seeking a job in Prague came to my office today. He was originally from a small village in the East and he looked like it. I didn’t mind such a tight unspoiled virgin ass at all.

Countryside is still pretty conservative in the Czech Republic. I was sure he didn’t do anything gay in his life. I was worried he might refuse me right away so I played on his nerves at first, pretending there were plenty of applicants for the job he wanted.

The young man got really desperate and willing to earn my help. I was in the mood to be a bit dirty and this sweet guy was just perfect. Without spoiling too much I can say he will remember this day forever.

Too bad he didn’t bring any corn, he definitely needed a little stretch before I destroyed his delicate back entrance.



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Dirty Scout 220

Dirty Scout says: I love when the job applicants surprise me, it spices things up a bit.

This young gentleman was full of surprises.

He had only primary school because he got expelled too many times. The reason was his behavior.

He didn’t let anyone to make fun of him. That gave me a pause, I didn’t want to get in a fight.

He worked out a lot and it showed. He was also the first guy I met who did historical fencing.

You need a good physique for such a hobby.

I was getting more and more interested in this dude. The only thing he wanted to do was an excavator operator so I gave him the job.

Then the moment of truth came, was I in for sex or a fistfight?

To my surprise, the guy was pretty okay with doing all kinds of naughty activities.

He endured the beginners pain nicely and then had a great ride.


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Dirty Scout 222

Dirty Scout says: It’s a shame when young people are too lazy to pursue their dreams, such a waste of potential.

This young man dreamed to be and architect but was too lazy to do something about it.

Instead he ended up working at various warehouses as a forklift operator.

The jobs weren’t very good so I found him a warehouse with better paid staff.

The poor dude was broke because his cheating ex-girlfriend was sucking money out of him for years before the break-up.

He was so skint he couldn’t afford to pay our mediation fee.

Well, I had my plans with the guy so it wasn’t a big problem.

I was also going to improve his financial situation a lot. My mind was full of ideas…

I just needed this guy to be reasonable and let me help him.

I even brought a few toys to make his tight ass ready for me. I think it worked.


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