Czech Hunter 151

CzechHunter says: Train stations are not my favorite spots to hunt. But they have one advantage: a lot of guys passing by. Just after I switched on my cam I’ve met a well built and handsome dude.
Talked him into showing me his cock, but unfortunately his train just came, he couldn’t miss it. Such a shame. Then I’ve spotted another one. Young, slim and smiley cute face. Bit shy but easy to talk to. After some usual chat, I went straight to the point.
Showed him my huge pile of cash and that really attracted his attention. He was a party-goer, therefore I knew he will go with me to the end of the world for that money.
After we found a nice and quiet place, he started to jerk me off. He was so concentrated, it almost made me laugh. I became so horny and couldn’t wait anymore.


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Czech Hunter 234

CzechHunter says: We decided to have a little skiing holidays in Czech mountains. As a proper tourist I filmed everything, the town, the scenery, and even the young boy I met at a bus stop.
He was a bit scared of the camera at first but later he proved to be incredibly helpful and nice. A total opposite to the people living in Prague.
The boy was local so he had many useful contacts. Thanks to him I got an amazing snowmobile ride to the top of the biggest mountain around.
He even arranged a really cheap accommodation for me and showed me my room. He was a nice innocent guy so he didn’t respond well to my offer.
I almost had to block the door to stop him from leaving. But I knew very well that he is going to agree sooner or later.


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Cute guys first time ass fucking virgin anal at Czech Hunter 531

CzechHunter says: I was following a cute guy into a building but then I lost him.

While I was looking around for him, I got locked inside. I decided to wait for someone, who would let me out.

Thank god this young man showed up. I told him I was looking for my friend’s family but obviously, he never heard of them.

I decided to strike before he would get upset about a stranger in his apartment building and offered him 2,000 Crowns for a look at his cock.

He was a bit surprised at first but dropped his pants right in the hallway.

Now was my turn to be surprised because he had a huge boner.

I only had to offer him a bit more money and he took me to his flat.

The guy was ripped and had a nice cock so I didn’t waste time and made him more offers.

I hope the building had thick walls because this dude was very loud.

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Czech Hunter 212


CzechHunter says: Soon summer will be over I can feel it. But today was again a very hot day perfect for hunting in an air-conditioned shopping-mall.

When I came there today I already saw two nice guys in the first minute. But they were either together with their girlfriend or simply just too fast for me.

After a while I noticed a lonely guy who looked quite bored. He was waiting for a friend as I found out. We started to talk and he told me that he he had a part-time job during his holidays and that he needed money for his car.

What a promising information. And indeed it wasn’t too difficult to buy his underwear. He thought it is kinda weird but he still accepted that crazy offer.

So I raised the amount and convinced him to run naked though the parking ground towards his car.



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Czech Hunter 481

CzechHunter 481 says: I love meeting guys who are open-minded and ready to experiment. Greedy ones are even better.

This dude was both. As a student he had some innocent fun with his friends. That was years ago.

Since then he moved to Prague and needed to furnish his new place. That was just perfect.

After a little chat he agreed to take me home. This guy needed money badly. He definitely wasn’t camera shy and wanted to earn as much cash as possible.

It’s not easy to find a man who would show genuine effort to please me. This cutie gave me everything he had in store.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I simply bent him over the kitchen desk and focused on his tight asshole.

This naughty encounter took quite a while. For his first gay sex he probably should have picked someone with smaller cock and less stamina.


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Resourceful young straight dude sucked my big uncut dick first time at Czech Hunter 589

CzechHunter says: The winter in Prague has finally started with a light snowfall, it was about time. I bumped into my latest fuck buddy whilst he was shoveling snow from the pavement outside his house. I was impressed with how resourceful Michal seemed. He had not one but two jobs, and he was still available … Read more

Czech Hunter 583 hottie young straight dude Lucas sucking my big uncut dick first time

CzechHunter says: Train stations can be a great hunting ground. I met amazing dudes at places like that in the past. It was a bit late, but I still managed to find this cutie. He was on the way to work but missed his train. Torn between going back home and waiting for another train … Read more

Czech Hunter 584 hot straight young 18 year old skateboarder first time gay anal sex

CzechHunter says: I’ve always had a soft spot for skateboarders and I’ve had a lot of fun with them in the past. So today I thought I would try my luck at the local skater park close by to my office. I struck gold almost immediately as I bumped into 18-year-old Skater Adam. He was … Read more