Huge dildo worship with Tyson James

Club Inferno Dungeon says: After a hard day on the job Tyson James needs some alone time. The hung asspig strips naked in an abandon stairwell and pulls out two huge dildos and a bottle of lube; he’s ready to work his hole.

Tyson starts by riding a huge fake cock that he’s suctioned to the floor. He’s so caught up in his buttplay he doesn’t realize that he’s got company; Jimmy Durano is spying on him from the bottom of the stairs.

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Alessandro Del Toro and Dolan Wolf

Club Inferno Dungeon says: Dolan Wolf and Alessandro Del Toro have been assigned the night watch at the compound. As soon as everyone is asleep the military studs strip out of their uniforms and get down to business. Both men stroke their big cocks while Dolan bends over and opens his furry hole to Alessandro’s probing tongue.
Once his hole is lubed and ready, Alessandro pulls on a black glove and begins his anal assault. Dolan proves to be quite a soldier, taking Alessandro’s fist and half his forearm up his ass.
Alessandro beefs up his arsenal by shoving both fists deep in Dolan’s hole until the sexy sergeant blows his load. Alessandro keeps his fist lodged in Dolan’s ass and strokes his giant uncut cock until he shoots all over the desert floor.


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Alessandro Del Toro and Boyhous

Club Inferno Dungeon says: A big, thick fist pushes into a slick, hairy hole. The hole is attached to Boyhous, and Boyhous’ ass belongs to Alessandro del Toro.
With fast, powerful strokes, Alessandro fists until it turns Boyhous’ ass inside out. The giant red rosebud blooms and pushes outward, protruding so far that it turns into a bullseye for Alessandro to throw his punches.
Groaning, Boyhous pushes his dripping man hole out even farther the dirty pig can’t get enough. Boyhous climbs the walls to position himself above Alessandro, and lowers himself down to ride Alessandro’s black-gloved hand.
Turned on by the feeling of Alessandro’s hole flexing and straining, Alessandro whips out his uncut cock to stroke. With his left hand buried inside Boyhous and his right hand gripping his own cock, Alessandro unleashes thick jets of cum that arc across the room.


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Armond Rizzo, Sean Duran and Rogue Status

Club Inferno Dungeon says: Hot fisting scene from, ‘Enlist Your Fist, Scene 4’ starring Armond Rizzo, Sean Duran and Rogue Status.


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Jimmy Durano and Byron Saint


Club Inferno Dungeon says: Byron Saint obediently bends over with his huge ass in the air and Jimmy Durano goes to town probing Byron’s tight hole. Byron bounces up and down on the rubber boot while Jimmy jacks off and shots his load all over the bar-back’s chest.


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Drew Sebastian and Blake Daniels

Club Inferno Dungeon says: The fisting frenzy continues until Blake Daniels rips off his gloves, shoves them in Drew Sebastian’s puckered hole, and jerks his load all over Drew’s giant nut sack and hairy hole.


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Club Inferno Dungeon tanned stud Wrex Wylde fisting Tony Orlando’s tight bubble ass hole

Club Inferno Dungeon says: Wrex Wylde sucks down hard on Tony Orlando’s thick dick. Tony wants his hot hole wrecked.

After sucking Tony’s cock, Wrex focuses his attention on Tony’s hole. Wrex pushes him forward, working his hands into Tony’s tight ass, splitting his ass cheeks getting in hard and deep.

Tony relaxes breathing deeply as Wrex first fist enters his hole and the fist fucking begins.

Tony’s hole needs a quick break so Wrex shoves his cock in Tony’s throat and fucks his face.

When Tony is ready to get boxed again, he lays back and strokes his cock while Wrex works out his hole with his fists.

Holding his legs up to give Wrex total access, Tony gets his hole gaped by Wrex’s fists and raw cock.

Tony’s hole is spent as he strokes his load out onto his cock.

Wrex sees Tony’s warm load and laps up every last drop to finish him off.

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Donnie Argento’s hot hole punished by a huge dildo as RopeTrainKeep films

Club Inferno Dungeon says: Donnie Argento is at home, horny, and eager to open up his hole.

With the help of his buddy RopeTrainKeep, Donnie sits down on a fat dildo and plugs in the fuck machine it’s attached too.

Donnie rides the dildo attached to the fuck machine at every intensity while RopeTrainKeep films.

Donnie edges for as long as he can before he spills out a thick load all over his floor.

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Sexy stud Alex Killian fists Dean Rogers’ tight asshole

Club Inferno Dungeon says: In a quiet corner of Fist Club Alex Killian wanders in where Dean Rogers is wanking his huge pierced dick.

Leather-clad Dean Rogers twists his nipples as Alex places the nipple clamps on tightly.

After rubbing Dean’s cock through his jockstrap, Alex gets invited over to wrap his lips around Dean’s huge thick cock.

With his moist tongue, Alex makes his way from Dean’s cock all the way to his nipples, and then to his ass, preparing it for the intense stretching it’s about to endure.

When Dean is ready for more, Alex takes his time working his thick fist into Dean’s tight hole.

It’s a tight fit, but Dean bears down and opens up to get Alex’s hand completely inside him.

Once it’s in, Dean shows what his hole can do, riding Alex’s hand while he jerks his cock.

Ending up on his back, Dean faps his pierced cock while getting his hole fist-fucked until thick ropes of warm cum cover Dean’s stomach.

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Brian Bonds glides his thick fist deep into Mike Monroe’s ass crack while sucking down Alex Killian’s cock

Club Inferno Dungeon says: Alex Killian is rubbing his bulge in his leather jock when he notices Brian Bonds and Mike Monroe going at it.

Brian motions for Alex to join them and Alex goes straight for Mike’s open hole with his tongue, while Mike throats Brian’s cock.

Mike gets his fill of both studs’ cocks in his mouth before Brian mounts up and sticks his cock in Mike’s hole.

Moving on to bigger things, Brian glides his thick fist deep into Mike’s crack all while sucking down Alex’s cock.

Brian and Alex take turns busting Mike’s hole out and feeding him cock until Mike spills a thick load onto his abs that Brian licks up.

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