Hottie tattooed young stud ass play with dildos gets his dick massaged to a huge orgasm

Daddy Cream | 1 of 2 | 28 | 5’11” | 160# | 8.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Gay and Sexploring

Club Amateur USA says: As for this first half with him face down on the CAUSA massage table, I knew going into the shoot that I would attempt to probe and pleasure his prostate since I only saw him bottoming in his early adult content and not engaging in such in his more recent videos, whether studio or personal.

Interestingly enough, the digital stimulation with my finger was a no-go, so I grabbed the magic wand and successfully curled his toes and rolled his eyes.

“That was probably super-hot for the fans.”

No, Boo, that was pro’ly super-hot for YOU! Let’s be real here; resistance is futile.

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