Bottom Games hottie white stud Cazden Hunter’s big dick barebacking black dude Adrian Hart’s bubble butt

Bottom Games says: Sexy young stud Cazden Hunter and black hunk Adrian Hart are fighting to see who is going to bottom in this episode.

They start off competing in a leg wrestling session and after a few rounds, it is clear that Adrian is rubbish and Cazden claims the prize.

Adrian then opens his legs and takes Cazden’s thick raw young cock deep in his black hole.

In the end, Adrian lets hunky Cazden pummel his bussy into orgasmic submission.

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Bottom Games ripped black muscle hunk Adrian Hart bareback fucking young dude Cazden Hunter’s raw bubble butt

Bottom Games says: Sexy black muscle stud Adrian Hart and young cute dude Cazden Hunter are mucking about playing a slapping game.

The stakes are high as the winner of the game gets to top the loser who bottoms.

It’s a game of speed and Adrian has the edge every time. After losing several times Cazden wants another chance.

He loses and finally, he succumbs to his fate as he strips off his shirt and gets on his knees, sucking down hard on Adrian’s big black cock.

Hungry bottom boy Cazden slurps on Adrian’s thick dick till he chokes on that black monster hitting the back of his throat.

Cazden sucks big dicks like a pro and he gets Adrian’s cock well lubed with his spit.

Adrian kisses Cazden before pushing him down onto the couch and parting his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue deep into his tight hole, rimming his asshole good.

With Cazden bent over Adrian slides his huge erect ebony cock hard into Cazden’s hole with long forceful strokes in and out.

The guys change positions a number of times with Adrian going deeper and harder so his balls slap against Cazden’s ass cheeks making him cry out in pain or pleasure.

Now Cazden is on top of Adrian guiding his hole onto Adrian’s massive black cock taking control and grinding his ass down repeatedly and squeezing his ass muscles tightly around his fuck tool.

The hardcore raw anal fucking continues until Cazden can cope no longer with the ass pummeling and shoots cum all over them both. Adrian follows with a huge cumshot over Cazden’s ass before fucking his jizz back inside.

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Bottom Games sexy young stud Michael Boston and Jax Thirio’s big dick flip flop ass fuck

Bottom Games says: Sweet young bottom boy Michael Boston and ripped muscle hunk Jax Thirio are playing about with a small glowing drone.

They bet each other that they won’t drop the drone initially for cash but Michael suggests the one who drops it must go down on the other one’s cock.

The games commence and soon it is Michael who hits the toy to the ground, he drops to the floor and sucks on Jax’s big muscle cock.

Jax then spins Michael around and gets his tongue deep between Michael’s fleshy bubble butt ass cheeks.

He licks and rims Michael’s hot hole getting it wet for his dick.

Jax then fucks Michael’s tight ass hole in kneeling missionary switching up positions a number of times getting his hard erect dick deep into Michael’s hot hole till his balls are slapping on his bubble butt.

Michael and Jax then change positions with Jax bottoming for Michael’s big cock.

Jaz can take the ass pounding no longer and shoots his load all over Michael’s hot ass before Michael himself jerks out a massive load of hot young cum.

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