Bad Puppy hottie young top Beno Eker’s long uncut cock raw fucking hot boy Jack Finix’s bubble butt

Bad Puppy says: Hottie young studs Beno Eker and Jack Finix have been wandering around the city and they are now heading home.

These two horny boys head over to the sofa and can’t keep their hands off each other.

They make out kissing passionately feeling each others’ firm young bodies as they remove each other’s shirts.

Jack slides his hand into Beno’s jeans feeling his huge soft cock, as he grabs ahold of it, he can feel it pulsing and growing erect.

They both lose their jeans and both boys have huge cock bulges in their sexy undies.

Jack takes control kissing all the way down Beno’s chest till he unleashes his big uncut dick sucking it to the back of his throat.

Jack deep throats Beno’s cock sliding it in and out of his mouth, making Beno breathe heavily.

Naked apart from his stripey socks Beno reaches over and sucks Jack’s long uncut cock polishing the end of his foreskin with his tongue.

Jack rubs his nipples and moans as he enjoys Beno’s expert lips and tongue.

Beno bends jack over doggie style and slides his huge young cock deep between Jack’s smooth ass cheeks, getting his cock balls deep in his hole.

Beno’s balls bounce up and down as he slaps his long cock into Jack’s ass.

They switch it up with Jack in his white socks lowering his asshole onto Beno’s dick. Taking control of the thrusting getting Beno’s cock deeper into his ass.

They switch again with Jack on his back with his legs in the air, and Beno’s cock slipping into his sore butt, both boys breathing gets labored as they are both close to orgasm.

Jack shoots first his young boy jizz spraying all over his stomach and chest, closely followed by Beno’s showering them both with his boy cum.

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Sexy bottom twink Thomas Fiaty’s hot boy hole bare fucked by handsome top Randall White’s huge uncut dick at Bad Puppy

Bad Puppy says: Randall White is at home he’s sat on the sofa feeling horny with his hand in his pants.

He’s interrupted when his best mate Thomas Fiaty burst into the room without knocking.

Thomas is desperate for a shag and he is always cock hungry so he’s super happy to find Randall feeling the same.

Except Randall wasn’t in the mood for a nice, lovey-dovey sort of blowjob.

Cramming his dick in the cocksucker’s face, Randall makes Thomas gag.

Randall flips and does a bit of sucking as well but he’s more of an ass man and once his cock is hard, nothing can stop him.

That dick is going in a tight hole.

Randall mounts Thomas and fucks him bareback until both are ready to blow.

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Hot young studs Robi Dane’s giving Alex Fox a balls deep blowjob

Bad Puppy says: Alex Fox is lying in bed reading when Robi Dane bursts thru the door and jumps on the bed with the intent of distracting Alex. Alex puts down his book and the two shove their tongues down each other’s throats.

Robi unzips Alex’s jacket revealing Alex’s tight, muscular chest and abs. Robi continues with Alex’s pants, unzipping them and pulling them off. He heads straight for Alex’s hardening uncut dick and quickly swallows its entire length.

Robi slips down his pants and while he’s giving Alex a blowjob, he begins jacking his own rock-hard, uncut piece of man-meat. Robi kneels on the bed allowing Alex to return the favor as he power-fucks Alex’s mouth, bouncing off the back of his throat.

Robi lifts his leg offering his ass to Alex. Alex moves in, driving his face and tongue deep into Robi’s hole before pushing his cock even deeper into his tight ass. Alex is pounding hard and Robi is jerking even faster. Both studs moan loudly with pleasure as Alex pounds deeper and harder.

Robi switches things up and crawls on top of Alex. After some power-fucking from below Alex starts jerking faster and moaning louder. He blows a thick load of cum all over his chest and abs while Alex continues fucking his hole.

Alex pulls out before he loses it and squirts his love juice all over Robi’s sweet tight hole.

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Hot bearded muscle stud Nikol Monak strips out of his tight undies and jerks his huge uncut dick

Bad Puppy says: After a two-year hiatus, Nikol Monak returned to the studio expressing his desire to perform in front of the camera, once again.

As we put him to the test, Nikol sits down on the arm of the sofa and removes his shirt and pants.

His body is tight and muscular. His full beard; while not typical of a Badpuppy model, gives him quite the masculine look.

The bulge in his underwear shows signs of growing almost immediately, and Nikol quickly strips out of his shorts.

His thick, uncut cock is rock-hard in moments as he lies back on the sofa and starts jacking. As he continues to jack his dick, Nikol turns around and points his hot, hairy ass towards the camera.

He spreads his cheeks providing a clear view of his sweet hole. Nikol lies down on the floor, spreads his legs, and the jacking continues.

His nuts hug next to his body as his hand works up and down on his cock. His other hand reaches for his ass and his fingers begin probing his tight, hairy hole.

His jacking becomes more intense, his nuts tighten, and as his breathing deepens, his cock starts shooting jizz straight up in the air with it landing back in his pubic hair.

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Young nude stud Evan Cook forcefully pushes his cock deep into Kevin Klein's waiting ass

Bad Puppy says: Evan Cook and Kevin Klein were snuggling on the sofa when Kevin ducks his head under the covers and starts giving Evan some surprise attention. As the cover is pulled back Kevin is oh so tenderly going up and down on Evan’s long, thick cock; his own dick already rigid and at attention.
After some incredible servicing Evan pushes Kevin back on the sofa and returns the favor as he sucks every inch of Kevin’s cock deep down his throat. Evan wants some of Kevin’s ass; but, first he’s got to get it ready for his thick piece of meat.
He pushes Kevin’s legs back and buries his tongue deep into Kevin’s hole working it in and out. When Evan thinks Kevin is ready he motions for Kevin to kneel on the sofa, slides in behind him and slowly; but, forcefully pushes his cock deep into Kevin’s waiting ass.
These two studs go at it in three different positions and with each one Evan is driving Kevin closer to the edge. Evan’s balls tighten and he pulls out of Kevin’s ass and almost immediately his cock begins erupting jizz all over Kevin’s back and ass.
Even before the cum dries, Kevin flips over on the sofa, grabs his thick, erect cock and as he begins jerking it. He shoot an incredible load of cum all over his chest and stomach.


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Hardcore naked boys Chose Armando, David Browning, Tom Hawai and Sam Robins ass fucking orgy

Bad Puppy says: Chose Armando, David Browning, Tom Hawai and Sam Robins just finished their music practice when Chose decides they should all try his new way of playing their musical instruments. He pulls down the zipper to his pants down and pulls out his cock which is already rock hard.
As he slaps his cock against the drum-pad the other three immediately catch on and follow suit. Their pants and shirts quickly hit the floor and hard cocks were all soon whacking the musical instruments. As these four hot studs are standing next to each other they realized they each really wanted the other.
David and Sam drop to their knees and immediately swallow their respective studs cock. After getting two really good blowjobs Chose and Tom kneel and have the other two stand and they begin servicing their cocks; while continuing to jerk their own.
Chose is the first to blow his load as he jerks his cock all over David. David gives us a hands free shot as he squirts a lot of jizz all over the floor. Tom is next to give us another hands free and talk about hot, as it runs down Sam’s chest.
Sam does not surprise as he squirts his creamy load all over the floor. This quartet of hot me go from cum shots to three of them lined up eating ass on the floor. David gets up and drives his cock deep into Tom while Chose comes in and pushes his cock into David’s ass.
As David is fucking Tom, Chose just has to sit there and let David do all the rocking. It’s not long before Sam wants in on the actin and he jumps over and starts riding Tom while Chose jumps on David’s cock. Sam is the first to shoot as he’s riding Tom’s thick cock and his load goes everywhere, with a long creamy stream dripping down his cock.
David shoots his load as he sits as far down on Choses cock trying to stimulate his prostate. Chose and Tom both grab their cocks and with a few quick jerks, their already excited cocks squirt cum all over the floor.
The camera fades on four very hot studs falling into each other and passionately kissing.


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