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CzechHunter says: Ginger young fashion student Tomas was in Prague visiting his aunty.

Now it is a long time since I have fucked with a ginger dude so he caught my attention straight away.

Tomas had dreams of making it big in the fashion world and liked the idea of being a biker.

I liked the guy instantly, probably because of his adorable smile.

My survey trick didn’t work very well on him but money got me his attention.

His aunty was at home so I had to take him to my place.

I think the guy was really curious because it wasn’t very hard to convince him to do things.

He also had a bit perverted side… This dude liked his nipples being stretched and twisted.

He loved it and was able to take a lot.

When I was done playing with them, I made him suck my cock up to the balls.

I couldn’t wait to test the depth of his cute asshole.

It was way deeper and tighter than I expected.

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English Lads sexy young hunk Ronan Lyle wanking his huge uncut dick showering himself in his hot jizz

English Lads says: Sexy bisexual young stud Ronan Lyle is easy going and loves getting naked for the cameras.

Ronan shows no nerves as he strips down to his tight undies then with a quick move he’s dropped them to his ankles and is wanking his soft uncut dick until it is a big throbbing erection.

He wanks it confidently and spins around to show us his hot ass bending to show his hole.

Ronan lies back tensing his six-pack abs as he is about to shoot, he opens his mouth ready to catch his jizz load. He fires off several rounds of cum showering himself in creamy jizz.

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Big muscle hunk Sean Cody Jack’s hot bare hole bareback fucked by young ripped dude Sean Cody Jess

Sean Cody says: Big muscle dude Jack has given plenty of horny bottoms the benefit of his huge thick muscle cock but today he is going to take a cock up his own ass. Yes, the very first time he bottomed.

The lucky top is young ripped stud, Jess. That is quite a responsibility bareback fucking a huge muscle guy like Jack.

“I am excited, but I’m a little nervous too…I don’t know what to expect, you know.

I’m sure I’ll have fun!”

Our friendly giant had no idea who he was paired with, “Whoever I’m paired with, I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!”

Oh, and it was! Jess was more than happy to pop Jack’s cherry with that big ol’ dick of his.

The dominant giant became the submissive one, and it was fantastic. His manly moans and groans were enough to make Jess just continue on and show no mercy.

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Men sexy bearded stud Dante Colle’s huge dick raw fucking hot dude Nate Grimes’s tight asshole says: Sexy bearded hunk and professional removal man Dante Colle is delivering the boxes to his cute young customer Nate Grimes.

As Nate is bending over opening a package Dante catches an eyeful of the young Nate’s hot bubble butt through his pants.

Nate surprises Dante and catches him in the act. “Yes, that box goes in the bedroom,” replies Nate.

Dante trips as he enters the bedroom sending the contents flying all over the floor.

It is Nate’s sex toy box and the room is now covered in different sized dildos.

Dante plays with the wobbly rubber dicks pretending to deep throat one and flashing the another from his pants.

He’s getting horny and starts to suck on a huge dildo whilst feeling his soft cock getting hard with his hand in his crotch.

Dante pulls out his big almost erect dick and starts to jerk off, all the while licking and caressing the plastic dick.

Nate returns and finds Dante’s big cock sticking out from the bottom of the box. He sucks down hard giving Dante a balls deep blowjob.

Nate sits on Dante’s cock before telling the top to fuck him with the massive dildo, and Dante can’t believe his eyes as the power bottom’s hole swallows the whole thing.

That hole is still nice and tight when Dante fucks Nate doggy style and piledriver, and soon Dante has Nate cumming before finishing off with a hot facial.

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Black Godz gay interracial white young dude Maxx Monroe bareback fucked by black stud Bama Romello

Black Godz says: Sexy young white stud Maxx Monroe is standing there in his wrestling singlet admiring the sleek black body of Bama Romello.

Maxx runs his hands down Bama’s chest and arms and back making sure he’s relaxing into his massage.

Bama slides his tight skimpy underwear down just enough so that Maxx can get his oily palms into his ass crack.

Maxx is already turned on and his young cock is getting hard and tenting his crotch.

He spins Bama around and kneels taking his big black cock into his mouth and sucks it right back till it hits the back of his throat and Bama’s balls hit his chin.

Bama then returns the favor parting Maxx’s slightly hairy ass cheeks getting his tongue into his hot young hole.

He then lays underneath Maxx and pumps his throbbing huge dick deep into Maxx’s tight ass hole, making him moan loudly.

They switch positions a number of times with Bama pressing his big black cock further and harder.

This proves too much for Maxx and he sprays cum all over his stomach and chest. Bama pulls out and blows a huge cum load emptying his balls over Maxx before fucking his cum back in Maxx’s freshly fucked hole.

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Freshmen hot young ripped guys Ashton Montana and Tom Houston suck each others big erect dicks

Freshmen says: We’ve been waiting a long time to introduce sexy young stud Tom Houston which we hope will mark the start of a long run on Freshmen and Belami.

He partners with Ashton Montana who just happens to be his best friend.

These two sexy dudes will be back again next month with a threesome with Eluan Jeunet that we are all looking forward to.

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Broke Straight Boys sexy dude Mikey Allens young cock barebacking Patrick Raposa’s tight straight butt hole

Broke Straight Boys says: Long-haired young punk Mikey Allens and ginger young stud Patrick Raposa are very chatty telling us all about the money they’ve been making and their spending plans from the cash they will earn today.

Both young men strip off their clothes and head to the couch sitting side by side, stroking their soft cocks until they have raging hardons.

It is Patrick who makes the first move, leaning over to suck down hard on Mikey’s young dick, as he reaches around and wanks Patrick’s cock.

Mikey gets so involved with the good head he is getting that we need to remind them to change ends, fair’s fair.

Mikey slips his lips over Patrick’s big pink cock head, getting his dick all the way down his throat till his balls are on his chin.

Patrick watches as straight boy Mikey’s mouth wraps around that dick, pulling it in and out of his wet mouth before they decide to get fucking.

Patrick bends over to take Mikey’s dick in his tight ass, on all fours on the futon as Mikey buries his length inside of Patrick.

Mikey stuffs Patrick’s hole full of his hard dick while Patrick plays with himself, flipping onto his back to take that raw cock from another angle.

A few more thrusts of that long shaft into Patrick’s sore hole and both these guys cum hard, their hot load covering Patrick as they both catch their breath.

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Southern Strokes sexy young soccer boy Curtis Cameron’s huge twink cock raw fucking Gregor Gilead’s hot hole

Southern Strokes says: You do what you can for a friend in need of cheering up, even if that means giving them your ass.

Gregor Gilead is sitting in the living room when Curtis Cameron walks in.

His team just lost a game, and he is feeling kind of down.

Gregor offers a massage to help cheer him up, which Curtis likes.

Gregor gets down on his knees in front of Curtis and starts to massage his calf.

As he moves up the leg, he notices Curtis getting hard. Curtis has also now noticed and begins to grope himself while Gregor keeps massaging up his leg.

Gregor asks Curtis if he is horny, and of course, he is.

Curtis pulls out his dick, and after some kissing, Gregor’s mouth is on it.

He takes as much as he can and then switches with Curtis so he can get his cock sucked on too.

It isn’t long before Gregor is sliding Curtis’s dick inside him as they lay spooning on the couch.

Curtis loves fucking his buddy and soon is pumping away at Gregor’s open hole.

He makes him sit on it for a while before fucking him on his back.

Gregor is ready to cum and shoots his load on his belly while Curtis unloads all over his face.

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Freshmen hottie young stud Viggo Sorensen’s tight ass hole raw fucked by big muscle hunk Yannis Paluan’s massive uncut dick

Freshmen says: Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan is on his knees sucking down hard on Viggo Sorensen’s thick uncut dick making him moan in delight.

Ripped muscle stud Viggo is rubbing his nipples as Yannis’ lips envelope his big cock all the way to his balls.

Yannis spins Viggo around opening up his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue in there, licking his ass crack, and probing his hot hole getting it nice and wet.

Yannis stands sliding his shorts and underwear down just enough to release his massive erect cock.

He presses his hard dick deep into Viggo’s tight muscular boy hole, making him moan, again and again, each time getting deeper.

Viggo braces against the wall, pushing his bubble butt down onto Yannis’s dick.

They switch up positions a number of times finally with Viggo in reverse cowboy sinking his hot hole hard onto Yaninis’s powerful cock.

Viggo grinds his asshole down repeatedly feeling every inch of Yannis’s dick throbbing inside him.

Yannis is first to shoot his load, he pulls out quickly and coats Viggo’s ass with his massive cum load.

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